“Greater Than The Whole”

Personal Professional Development

“Produce a cumulative portrait of a structure that cannot be readily portrayed in its entirety with one single frame.”

Scan 9

For this particular project I had no set idea of what I was going to shoot. I decided to start with photographing my room space and me. I felt like this was relevant because it shows small specific spaces of my personal environment in an intimate way. Take the wardrobe image for example, it shows how I like to live my life; the semi-organization, the folding, and even what I wear can be interpretations of my personality. I think this group of images would make a nice little small series, and I specifically like the self-portrait in the mirror. To me it reminds me of one of Vivian Maider’s self-portraits.

I then took a stroll around the city, capturing things that I found interesting. I really like the industrial, symmetrical garage’s I found at the side of a building. I think these have great tones and shadowing’s in black and white. However, one of my favourite images that I captured was of a patch of wild flowers. I was amazed by this, I was in the middle of a city full of buildings, people and noise yet there was this tiny little patch of the most beautiful flowers I had ever seen. I really like this image and if I print it well then I will definitely be keeping it for years!Scan 5

The final way I shot was going around the city at night. These images have a very film styled feel to them and I really like that way about them, they, to me, remind me of Brassai’s work. I’m very much looking forward to continuing to print with them and experimenting with contrasts on tones.

Scan 8

The feedback when we all showed our work as a group was very positive. People seemed genuinely excited and intrigued by my ‘film’ styled images, so I definitely want to continue doing similar shoots, as I have never shot at night. There was also a lot of interest with the apple cores, which I was surprised by. I came up with this idea of showing the apple core, as it is the key element that makes up the rest of the apple, and I wanted to show case this as it relates to the brief really well. Overall I have gained a lot of confidence by producing this contact proof and I have really enjoyed trying something that I haven’t done before. I definitely want to carry on doing shoots like this in my spare time.


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