Homage to a precious object

Personal Professional Development

“Make an image or set of images which pay homage to an object that is precious to you”

For this brief I had to choose an object, which is most precious to me. This was easy. It was a ring that I inherited from my grandma that has a long past and history to it, which I find really beautiful and it’s a symbol of my family. If I were to loose this ring I don’t know what I would I do.

Scan 10

So with my object chosen I decided to start by shooting with the ring on my hand. I will always panicked if I can’t feel it on my finger so I thought it was important to take images of where it mostly is. I set up a small set, using A1 black paper and selotape. I feel like image 17 works the best. It has a certain elegance to it that resembles what it would have been like during the time in which it was created. I also think the hand is really interesting as I can see similarities from both of my grandparents upon my own hand.

However, I then decided I wanted more of a “set-up” scene so that I could display more of an obvious concept for people who didn’t perhaps know me to gain a better understanding of the meaning behind my ring. I used a recent letter from my grandma, as that is how we stay in touch, and a photograph that means a lot to me. I feel like this set of images work really well as it creates a certain narrative.

Scan 6

I think images five and six works the best visually, and in the feedback we did as a group everyone agreed with me, they also liked how I set up the frame with the objects. Overall, I’m really proud of these images and they mean a lot to me because we are a close family and because the objects are so precious to me. I also felt a lot of confidence within my group as it took a lot of courage for me to explain the meaning behind my ring as I’m not a very loud and perhaps open person but everyone was really considerate and interested, which means in future projects I’ll definitely be asking for everyone’s advice and opinion’s.


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