Assignment one- confirming concept

Developing and Understanding Photographic Practice

Where am I now?

Well I’m beginning to get some ideas; I feel that my chosen theme (Britishness) is a really good starting point as there is so much to it. I feel like “Britishness” is a perfect theme for me to explore at the moment, remembrance day, St. Georges cross problems and politics becoming more uprising with their views on what it is to be British.

I’ve began to do some research for my concept and I’ve found it surprisingly interesting. It’s very heavy in politics and I thought that this might deter me away for this theme but actually I’ve been really getting into it. Seeing what’s actually going on within my society has shocked me, especially the BNP and the issues that the St. George’s cross has. It definitely has made me even more questioning over what is our national identity and do I want to be a part of it?

So I’m going to do various shoots to start to explore my theme. I didn’t want to go straight in and pick one shoot idea as I want to see visually what works best at getting my concept out their and get some real confidence with it before I make and descions. These shoots maybe the final piece or they may lead on to others.

I also want to expand on my research by getting some first hand research in terms of newspapers and perhaps any political propaganda that I could perhaps find. I also want to begin looking at specific artists in detail that fit in with my shoot as I can get a better look at some techniques I might use as well as visual ideas. I feel confident with techniques that I’ve researched like photograms, photomontages and multiple exposures.


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