Brand-New Topographics

Developing and Understanding Photographic Practice

The welcome week task was to produce ten images, combining a specific location point around the city with a photographers quote. It was definitely a big comprehension into what the year will be, and how different it is to A-levels and my Foundation, as we will be pushed and encouraged to try new things.


-Found the book ‘100 Ideas that Changed Photography’ extremely useful

-Opened up photography from landscape photojournalism (commercial) to very art based impassive objectivity

-William Jenkins- created concept

-Typical Topographic photographs: stark, geographical, emptified, impersonal, anti-commercial, contemporary feel, industrial influenced

-Main associated photographer: Stephen Shore, the Bechers, and Baltz

            I chose to show a real influence of Topography in my images as well as a strong link between my artists quote. We then had to present our final images to the class; I found this really insightful, as I had worked completely different compared to my peers. They had chosen to have one strong theme where as I had been really influenced by the photographer and the location to produce the image. I feel like this was a strong project, which has really helped me to start the academic year. My previous choices within the photographic medium were normally studio based portraits, however with all the encouragement that I received who knows what may happen in later projects…





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