Assignment One- Concept/Test Shoot one

Developing and Understanding Photographic Practice

This idea is to take images of the people I live with. Being from a very northern, small village I was awoken to all the diversity when I moved in with my housemates. They are from all around England and some are born here, some were born in a different country and some were born here but their family originate from another country.

I want to create a small enquiry asking them were they are born e.c.t. And also I think including a small part of the British citizen test would be highly interesting. I took the test myself and it turn out that I got a score of 8 out of 24, meaning I failed. Does this mean imp not British?

I also want to do a traditional portrait style position with my model. This is because I did some research into why we tend to sit our model in this position since portrait photography began. I found the information from the Genius of Photography, in the chapter ‘The pose and the gaze’. It says that we use this pose to show the models identity to its fullest. It also goes on to say, ‘The old idea that a photograph steals the soul dies hard, and not altogether without cause, because the pose is the subjects defence’.

So, even though the final images will be in analogue film, I am going to do some test shoots experimenting with this idea and then testing it out, combining the portrait with the British citizen test.

Gerry Badger (2007) The Genius of Photography. Quadrille.

Assignment One- Test Shoot

This test shoot was really interesting to me. I love finding out what other people’s scores for the Britishness test was, and the results were fascinating. The most northern boy came last and the person who was born in Poland came second. I definitely think that we need to really consider whether or not being born in Britain is the true results of a person are British or not.

Scan 3Scan 2Scan 4

I find it very interesting how we are the next generation of our country and the newspapers claim that we are becoming more and more British yet not one of the people who asked to fill the survey in passed the test. Does this show the future of our national identity? I know that I have to produce ten images or something similar but I would love to do as many portraits as possible if I was to continue with this theme.


The main issue I have with this project is what to do with these images. I really need to connect that link between the test and the portrait. There are so many things I could experiment with doing, such as the graphs and the bar charts showing the actual results. Or I could show the map of where the person has chosen to live around the world, and see if we have to be in Britain or born in Britain to be called British. This definitely needs some work but I am really happy with the theme. I definitely need to get the link right and make the connection between the test and the person for it to visually and conceptually work but I think that would become apparent if I continued experimenting and producing test shots.


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