Paul M Smith

Personal Professional Development

All right, all right, so I was a tad bit presumptuous and pre-researched Paul M Smith’s work so I had a slight view on what he’s typical style was, and it came up with his war photography. I’m not the biggest fan of war photography; I feel that you have to be into it fully to really appreciate it. However, I loved Smith’s work. Even one of the war images really integiued me. The image is from the ‘Artist rifles’ series and shows a close-up focused shot of him, down on the ground aiming, whilst in the background there are various images of him again, all in action. Some blurry, some sharp; sand flying around.

However, this isn’t what interests me. I love self-portraiture. I have been obsessed with what you can feel and the outcome of being alone with your camera, especially in recent years. In his seminar, he explains that he was the from the first wave of Photoshop users, and he explained how his tutor called it ‘Cheating’.

The main series that has really captured me is titled, ‘Make my night’. I love everything about this series. The snapshot way of lighting and capturing the ‘lads night out’. One image that stands out for me is the post-nightclub kebab photograph. I can relate to this in many ways, and it has so much truth to it. You always have that one friend who’s on the floor. And you always have that one friend who clambers on everything like the window. The overexposed man in the front focus, showing precisely that the camera has gotten into drunken hands. I cannot get over how brilliant, truthful and hilarious this series is. I will be looking at these for years.


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