Assignment One- Concept/Test shoot Two

Developing and Understanding Photographic Practice

This idea is all about consumerism and does it affect ‘Britishness’ and our national identity? My first main idea is the comparisons of foods. I want to see if we as an audience can tell the difference between an item like a vegetable that was created in Britain and made abroad. When researching this I found that this was a lot of people’s views, particularly the right-winged who believe that you are only British because you were born here before 50BC. They claim that it’s not the fact you are a different colour, it’s all about where you’re born. So if this is the true case can we tell the difference between British grown food and abroad, without judging the appearance, as they will be quite similar I presume? Are there beliefs about what makes Britishness true? I think it will also be a real key interaction element for the viewer to have with the photograph. How will I actually present it? Will the answers be on the back? Will I choose for them to never actually find out which ones which? Does it matter they may or may not find out? I was also thinking about choosing a contact sheet style layout and having the same food item from different countries, making it harder; almost like a spot the difference game.

I also want to do a quick test shoot as part of my first hand research, finding everything in my room that’s British produced and everything that’s from another country. I personally believe that the people who are promoting this need for Britishness should use British produce. However, I am stated as a British citizen but does consumerism have an impact on national identity? I am interested to find this out.

Assignment One- Test Shoot

I actually was really surprised by how much I actually got into this project. I’ve never really enjoyed the concept of still life but I think the theme of this project really emphasized how interesting it was. It was all surrounding consumerism and does buying our products from abroad affect our national identity.

The first test shoot that I created was the two contact sheets. The first being all the English produced items that I found within my room, and the second being the all the non-British produce I’ve found. I found the results really interesting, I thought there would be at least one where there’s more than the other, but actually it was very balanced. I do believe that if we have this right wind attitude then perhaps I would have thought we would have only buy British home grown items. However, I’m not sure how to take this idea further and really develop and explore it, so I’m not sure that I want to continue with this idea.

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 13.21.22Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 13.20.51 1

The second concept I really like. I would obviously have to think of this in terms of the analogue version, but I think I could definitely take this further. I love the interaction you have with a viewer, it forces you to think. There are also many presentation techniques that I could use with this idea. I also like the basic theory to it, as we always think that firstly judge someone on his or her appearance, whereas this questions more than this. This is definitely one idea I want to continue with and peruse to my final idea perhaps.

photo 3 copy 2photo 3


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