BOOK OF THE MONTH- October 2014

Personal Professional Development

So my chosen book for this month is Christian Patterson’s ‘Redheaded Peckerwood’. This is such a beautiful narrative, and you really get lost in this photography book.

            Patterson’s created three editions of this book and the final book was published in 2013, and contains 164 pages. Its made up of a mixture of photographs, notes and various inserts which make you feel like you are a 1930’s detective, searching and discovering new things as you go along; page by page. The thing that really stands out with this book is the mixture of fiction and non-fiction. The basic underlying narrative is of two teenage boys who have murdered ten people. For me you do not realise that until you get part way through the book, as it is thought-out and created in the most beautiful manner. The different inserts that are put within the pages are items like a map, a letter, a poem and different ornament’s that were present during the murders. You really begin to interact with the book, and it helps reinforce the photographs so it becomes reality and you feel involved with this plot.

There are so many emotions that this book controls you in having. You have excitement for the ‘adventure’, a sense of being lost, regretful and a deep feeling of emptiness. Unfortunately, but yet unsurprisingly, this book is sold out, however, I’m begging you to go and check it out at a library, it will definitely impact upon you heavily.


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