Summer Project

Personal Professional Development

For my summer project I wanted to create a body of work that I was really pleased with, as this was the first piece of work that my peers and my lectures will see.

We were only given the brief; to create a visual diary. I firstly brainstormed some ideas of documenting my daily life and perhaps starting to get involved with one of the ‘365 days a year’ projects. But as I thought more and more about what I wanted to create I suddenly had a realisation that I was leaving home and travelling four hours down south, and making home sick even before I left home!

So this piece is a homage to my hometown, and its something that is very personal to me and will (hopefully) remind me of home and will give me comfort.

I decided to use cheap disposable cameras for two main reasons. Firstly I was highly fascinated with this type of photography as it’s a very different medium to use. Secondly it fitted with my work incredibly well, you see that faded and old-styled feel that takes me back to my town that hasn’t moved on in years. I also decided to experiment and take my digital camera with me, but as time went on I realised that these were too defined and visually pleasing and didn’t fully resemble my feelings towards home.

After getting my images developed I chose to create a photo book. The brief mentioned the word ‘Diary’, and too me a diary is a physical being that is a portable way of carrying your personal memories. So I decided to put these all in one book for me to take away to university, and for me to have that one object which I can look at to instantly remind me of my home. I also chose to include one piece of text, ‘Hometown. Cleethorpes, 2014’. I didn’t want to say anything more, I just wanted something to trig my memory and remember this specific time in my life where I create a piece just before going away and really starting a new life. I also chose the front and back page for a particular reason. The first seagull starts to fly away and you see on the back that the seagull has its wings spread far out with confidence, and I hope this will resemble my time at university.

Within my group feedback I received a surprising amount of positivity. Everyone liked that I had taken the time with my project and really thought about it. The things that I need to think about is my guttering. Some of the images that are double paged are missing the center of the image. Its something I’ve never heard of, so it was really good to learn this and help me in creating future photo books. I also was asked why I had decided to have some images full sized and some covering half the page. I did this unconsciously and when I think about it, if I want to create this layout then I need a specific reason why. Its something that I’d definitely consider changing and having the images all the same size.

Overall, I found this project exciting and made me appreciate my home as well as give me excitement for going to university. It’s successful to me in terms of the fact that every time I look through this book it instantly reminds me of home.

IMG_5551IMG_5552 IMG_5553 IMG_5554


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