Assignment One- Concept/test shot Three

Developing and Understanding Photographic Practice

This concept is all about me. Within the brief we were given it asked for our opinions so I feel like this is a direct way to explore how I feel towards national identity.

The main reason I came up with this theme was the fact I in an application for a new passport I had to decipher whether I was English or British. I had no idea so what did I do, I asked my mum! She told me to put British and initially I didn’t question it, but thinking about I want to know why I am British and not English? So I want these portraits to really explore how I feel towards this.

I might also consider the use of newspapers. Coming to this big city from a tiny little village I feel like my mind set has been exposed to more opinions and different choices that we make, and that I have to make as a person. When I did some first had research for this project I picked up a newspaper and I was shocked by how much it focused on Britain and Britishness. Its very overpowering, and I felt like it was almost like propaganda. Its mainly due to the month being November and the fact we have remembrance day, but also the issues Britain has with leaving Europe and countries in the untied kingdom wanting to leave; so I feel like this newspaper really paints England in a positive light even though as a country we have these issues. So I feel like there’s enough for me to start to explore my relationship with national identity with self-portraiture.

Assignment One- Test shot three

I found this one probably the hardest as it was self-portraiture. I have done self-portraiture for my foundation degree and I loved it and really got into it, however, I think (Mainly due to lack of concept planning) that I really struggled with what to actually photograph during my shoot. I had initial ideas but I should have definitely spent more time confirming my planning choice.

I chose to do double exposure as I feel like it’s a unique technique that would help me join my theme with my self-portrait, and it definitely did. My main aim with this project was showing the feeling that Britishness is perhaps being pushed on me, like pressuring propaganda. I think the newspapers are the most visually successful prints to come out as they look very abrasive and loud, and perhaps a little bit frightening.

ScanScan 1

The only other ones that I would also consider successful are the passport face ones. I think there really subtle but have an impact. They are serious passport styled photographs of my face and this creates a very serious sense to it. The actual passport object that I chose to use is also very overpowering. I definitely think that producing this test shoot really benefited me in my project and developing my own opinions to help really get a final secure theme, but I think the other two concepts are more successful both visually and conceptually, and I could definitely take the other two a lot further and show my aim more intensely rather than this particular shoot.


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