Barry W Hughes

Personal Professional Development

I had the prevolidge of having a seminar by Hughes. He presented himself as an art consultant rather than a photographer or artist, I found this particularly interesting, as I had never met anyone that has chosen to have a career in anything other then an art form. It made me think about my own future job and what I want to do, as there are so many jobs you could have, and he gave me an insight into different things that he does. He says many people refer to him as an art journalist more than anything else.

            He then however went onto show some of his pieces of work and I the series that I got really interested in was ‘NEOP’ it was so well concepted and thought about. All the research that he had found and documented shone through and really put a meaning and interest from me as a viewer into the work. The universe inspires this particular project. He said that he had created a lot of NASA research and used a lot of their images when putting together ideas and initial imagery as they use a high resolution and put them online for free. Hughes tried to create a body of work that went together as a series but each image was a right to be a photograph as its own. I specifically love the image ten from the series. I was mesmerised by how beautiful the gold specks were but also the fact you didn’t notice that the corner was either close to you or facing away from you. He then went on to say that this was actually mould on someone’s bathroom. You can also relate the similarities between the gold “stars” and the mould; they both form together and cluster as well as forming similarly in the same manner. He quoted that his work is a ‘documentary of a temporary occurrence in history’, and to me looking at his work generally you can see that he really combinds historical events and past figures to create something really modern and contemporary. I also really liked the image twenty-two from NEOP he said that this was only produced due to having his sandwiches wrapped up in tinfoil and so he photographed it but also used a blue filter on his camera. Therefore the tinfoil object turned to gold. I can also see that their looks like there are little clusters of stars within the big asteroid rock itself, and it looks so much more precious then it perhaps is. The final piece that I am going to talk about is image one from the series; I felt the need to show this to you because I found it beautiful. Hughes talked about how this wasn’t the original planned image. He had done the same thing but then took the white circle “moon” stencil off and saw this scene. You can see all the dust manistanting like stars, and also the black chalkboard background showing the universe. When you start exploring into each of Hughes work you can get so much from it.

His thoughts on where photography is now, were very powerful to me, he believes photography is in its “grown up stage” and has finally stood up to be its own art form. The way he believes photographs are going is that they will be mass produced and cheap. He also said that for your work to be as successful as it can be it needs to reach the widest audience possible, and also engagement is a key element to success. If you want to check out some of this incredible work check out his blog which he posts around 800 to 1200 words on photography books that he receives as well as his magazine, Super Massive Black Hole, you definitely be enthralled and discover new things within each of his image.


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