The Teachers Diary

Personal Professional Development

So I had just previously seen another film from the East Asian Film Festival, which was definitely an eye opener, so I wasn’t too disheartened to see another. This time I picked a Thai film called The Teachers Diary. I chose this film, I am sad to admit, on the advertisement that the film used. I saw various similarities to this and English romantic comedies, so I was very intrigued and excited to see it.

It is a typical love story but it really gripped me throughout the whole film. It was structured in such a beautiful way they you willed the two teachers to be together throughout the movie. The main difference I saw with this film compared to many others I have seen, was the fact I didn’t guess what was going to happen. Normally the boy and the girl hate each other, then something happens which makes them “fall in love” and boom, you’re done. But with the Teachers Diary you wont see what’s going to happen at all, it had me in suspense. With the actual way that it finishes, I love the way the two teachers don’t meet until the very end, and then their future is left up to your imagination.

What really made this movie a must see, was how hilarious the children were. I particularly liked Tuna, who was a pupil who aspired to be a movie star. There is one specific scene when the male teacher meets his new class and I could not stop laughing, its one to definitely look out for! Tuna has a really sassy personality, as do all the children all have different qualities, which really make the movie interesting and different.

The two leading characters play their roles really well. The female character, Mrs Ann, is clever and a strong individual, whilst Mr Song is more practical handed but is very passionate and caring to his pupils who idolise him. In time they both learn from each other and I think this saves them and makes them better people, and also finally have a strong, passionate connection with each other, even though they are strangers and have only met through the diary.

The film is shot in a really beautiful way. If you’re bored of seeing the perfect Hollywood location then this will please you. It has very beautiful cinematography, shown through various panning shots of the landscape, which is remarkable. Once again, the fact that it was in a different language and I had to read subtitles didn’t affect me at all, and in fact I want to continue watching more movies made by directors from a different country, as if I didn’t I would have missed this phenomenal movie.

This film is a completely different contemporary rom com, full of beautiful surprises. I beg you to see this movie, but take a tissue because you’ll be hysterically laughing in a happy and a sad way. A must see romantic film of this year without a doubt.


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