Wonder Mama

Personal Professional Development

So I went into to Wonder Mama dreading it. I believed it would be some animie, crazy Chinese movie, which would be fake and over the top. And to make matters worse it has subtitles. I have only seen one movie that had subtitles and I gave up within half an hour. So how was I to endure this loud, subtitled movie? Well, surprisingly, it was all right.

It was a classic narrative of a mother that encounters different family problems. He created this movie version of Wonder Mamma after he didn’t have full say in how the play version went when it was shown in Hong Kong. He felt like they presented it as more of a ‘TV Drama” as Clifton Ko Chi-sum says and he felt like there were too many main characters who had long scripts. However, he does well with the pausing in the movie, it gives you a lot of time to intake your feelings and thoughts, particularly in the credits where she’s on the bus. But I do feel he needed to focus even more upon the mother. That however was probably the only downfall to the movie that I found. There wasn’t one direct character, it should have been focused purely upon the mother, but you had to deal with each characters position within the movie and you definitely couldn’t miss a bit or else you would be lost.

If you view this movie I’m sure you will be able to relate Wonder Mamma to your own mother. She’s strong and keeps going on, making everyone happy, you be willing her on thought-out the whole film.

I was taken back by how much I actually did laugh. The son in the movie was the most enjoyable aspect for me without a doubt. He was a modern teenage boy, and he came out with witty, quick one-liners. The family also swore a lot, ‘Slutty’, ‘Effing’ and ‘Bitch’ and I found this highly surprising, and I thought that it would be highly serious and professional, but in fact I could see this being a typical English rom-com that your mother would love to watch.

But I did see a barrier between the English and the Chinese audience that went to view Wonder Mamma. I found that there were some scenes where the Asian audience couldn’t stop laughing, for example ‘A quote from Einstein’, I had no idea why this was so funny to them, and they probably thought the same when we laughed. So I feel like it was definitely produced with the intentions of it going further than its Chinese audience, which definitely helps keep the interest from both types of people flowing.

I was really interested when the director of Wonder Mamma attended the screening. One of the things he said really caught my attention, ‘The internet means people focus on what they want to’. I felt like this was directed to me, having the internet means that people only intake a small, direct proportion of what they specifically want, I think its good to expand, otherwise I would have never have had this opportunity to view this completely different movie that actually wasn’t a waste of two hours.

So when choosing a movie, don’t pick a classic film which you’ll know you will be able to guess the ending as soon as it starts. Be brave and pick something out of your territory, I’m sure you’ll be presently surprised.


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