Assignment One- Confirming my Chosen Concept/ Development

Developing and Understanding Photographic Practice

So I had a one to one with my tutor and I found it helpful just to talk to someone and get my ideas and goals for this project out. I had been almost bottling in it and keeping it to myself, as I do normally with projects, but I felt with this project I had three firm ideas and I was going back and fourth with them all and I could not set in stone which one I wanted to continue with.

However, talking was a way of sitting down with my images and ideas and talking about what works and what doesn’t and what needs to be altered, and I feel that I have perhaps struggled with this as I don’t have a sketchbook, just a blog. I firstly said that I would be unhappy to continue with concept three (self-portraiture) as I felt I could not develop it further to a more secure theme of what I want to aim to produce.

Then it was the choice of concept one and concept two. Initially, as you can see from previous posts, I felt torn between the two. Although, when I began to talk it became more and more evident that I felt I could develop and experiment with idea two a lot more. Concept one was a theme that I would be happy to continue with but I felt there was perhaps too much to it and it needed to be stripped back to the initial connection between Britishness and the models portrait, which I personally feel it lacks. So I decided to spend this weekend producing test shoots just focusing on idea two. I want to see if this humour that people find within the onion test shots can continue even in black and white. But the main thing that I want to experiment with is this connection with the food and BNP. I find that their views are very radical and extreme and I want to build this in my images to make my viewers think; which is the most important presentation technique I could aim for.

There is also an issue of what to include in my actual images. I have a lot to think about. Do I want to continue with this comparison of the similar looking foods being from different countries and the viewer has to guess? Or should I combine the two foods together? I could even try cutting the food up into different shapes or even looking at what’s in the middle of them; remembering how the BNP say its not about the colour of your skin it’s the fact you have to be born here before a certain year, so Englishness would be inside you. I could even try making different meals, one with foods from abroad and one purely English grown produce; you can’t tell the difference, so does it matter where it comes from even though it makes the exact same meal? Another idea I have is of exotic foods being from Britain. Can we get a British coconut or an English “Chinese” noodle, and vise versa, can we get a non-British sprout?

I definitely am looking forward to see how this test shoot goes and also I need to do some specific research into the BNP and find out more about their polices and views on Britishness and also perhaps national identity. But I can safety say I am beginning to really get fascinated in this project and I shall be excited to see the outcome!


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