Assignment One- Statement of intent

Developing and Understanding Photographic Practice

I am going to produce ten analogue images of foods. These foods will be carefully selected to represent my feelings towards the British National Party. After researching the BNP I personally feel strongly against their thoughts and opinions, as they are right-winged radicalists. I feel like they have a very old fashioned mentality, and it wouldn’t work it todays society. Do we even need the theory of national identity? Is it important? I am a big supporter of Britishness and having traditions like wearing our poppies, fish and chips and our monarchy, but if we didn’t have international influences we would never change. Our eyes wouldn’t be exposed to new ideas and ways of thinking. As an artist this is highly of importance as different cultures and they way of the world is so fascinating and inspiring.

I also believe that the BNP are very contradicting. In 2013 the Telegraph reported that Korma was our favourite dish, and before that in 2011 they reported the Jalfrezi was the nations number one meal. I’m sure some of the members love a curry, but should they? They are promoting that they want to keep our white, traditional values and norms but does that mean if they become of a higher status we will have to be self-sufficient? Does it also mean that, as a country, will be restricted to only the products that we can grow as a country?

I want each object to explore and question these ideas to overall show my views on the BNP and the future of Britain. I want each frame to show some humour and irony, which I know it will be hard and I have never done anything in this manor before, but I feel like it would really suit this brief if it could work. I am not sure currently how the presentation will work out, as I want to focus specifically on the actual images before hand, but I do want to investigate into propaganda. In conclusion, I’m really excited to undertake this project and to start shooting and to see what my final piece will be!


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