Book of the month- November

Personal Professional Development

Novembers book of the month is…. drum roll please… Ryan McGinley’s ‘Whistle for the Wind’. This was one of the only things I asked for my birthday and it has finally arrived. I cannot put it down. Even holding it feels like a bible. I love everything about it; from its smell to how large the book is so you have to hold it in a certain way, this is one book to definitely look at.

So McGinley’s work is something I have always admired. It was the first nude form of photography that I had ever laid my eyes on, and it was beautiful. From then onwards I became more and more interested in taking and looking at this type of photography and I even took up nude drawing classes (Terry and his positions weren’t as glamorous as McGinley’s tend to be) but it definitely opened my eyes to art.

This book contains a range of his most sort after bodies of work. He tends to name each series after different years. And I love that. Isn’t being a photography all about showing your developmentation throughout life; and this definitely shows his life journey. The series that I am probably most fascinated by is from the years 2010 to 2011. They are all set up in the same manner but then made completely unique by each model. They are so expressive, yet what surprises me is the intimacy you feel with each person. You would not expect this from a young adult. I would typically expect something like Rineke Djikstra; awkwardness. Take ‘Wes Gator’ which is one of my favourite images, it’s so unexpected that this young, lanky adult could look so elegant and create a beautiful portrait.

Each series is completely different, yet they all work so well together and you will wish you were on this journey with McGinley himself. I would definitely recommend checking out the 2007 and the 2011 range of work. They have a certain ‘proto-instagram’ feel to them. However, the main reason I beg you to look at this book is to read his interview that he conducted with Gus Van Sant. He shows how hilariously cool you expect a photographer to be; he 100% lives up to these expectations! So take an hour or so out of your day and delve yourself into his book, I guarantee there will be one image at least that you won’t be able to take your eyes off.


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