Assignment One- Jake and Dinos Chapman

Developing and Understanding Photographic Practice

After viewing the BBC four documentary about “The Chapman Brothers” I can safely say these two are the most laid back, passionate and full of controversy, people that you fully expect a 21st century artist to be.

The pair have been creating art pieces since the nineties, and the reason that these two have been an influence to me in this specific brief is for their second version of their ‘Hellscapes’ project (the first project was destroyed in a fire at the Momart warehouse). This specific sculptor that I want to look into shows a dark and deathly looking helter skelta that is set up in the middle of hell, and shows German soldiers scrambling up in sadness and despair, ‘cause in hell no one ever dies, it just keeps going over and over’ says Dinos. This sculptor is such a big political statement, like most of the Chapman’s works, and it can be interpreted into many different things. To me it resembles Germany from 1914 to the present day, and how Germany perhaps still has the anger and the sadness over the fact that their country was torn apart and has never recovered to the country it once was. Others could interpreted it as looking at the Nazi’s in hell now, they can’t escape what they have done and it keeps on going on and on, they are so many different thoughts and opinions that someone can have on this one piece. “The idea of actually having the audacity that this work can in anyway measure a approximation of the horrors of the 20th century is insulting”, states Jake.

“I don’t find it shocking. I find it shocking that people find it shocking” I disagree and agree with Dinos thoughts as this was such a horrific event that we will remember for the rest of our history, but yet this did happen and it shows reflection and a current opinion on this matter, which is highly important.

The reason I am researching into the Chapman brothers is for two reasons. The first being how they mileculouslly put together each piece, and I want to get this in each food item. From my previous contact shoot I’ve realised that I can’t just place a chocolate bar on a blank white background, I have to work with the object so the aim for my brief can be fully projected. “If this work was about hell, its not only hell in terms of its content but also in terms of its hellishness production”, Jake shows us here that it is a long time and process, and everything has to be perfect for the overall concept and visual effects to work. The second reason that I am looking into these two artists is for the conceptual work. “I wouldn’t bother making it if I could describe it”, I think Dinos describes it perfectly; the viewer needs to see the piece and interact with it, so that they can have their own thoughts and opinions on the subject matter. I really want to see if my work fully defines what I am trying to say about the BNP and our national identity. Overall, I’m going to really try and create a definitive point with each object and try to make a stronger statement about my thoughts, so we shall see how this turns out in the next shoot!

Watch the BBC Four documentary:

Visit their website;

I would also like to look at Duchamp and his confidence within his work. I need to show the same confidence within my own work, I need to remember there are no guidelines for what art is, its expressionism and creativity, not a policy.Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 15.16.41


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