Assignment One- Contact sheet and development

Developing and Understanding Photographic Practice

So I took my ideas from the onion experiment that I created and I wanted to see how this would look visually on film. I definitely think that this isn’t my final shoot, there’s a lot of develop mentation that I want to do with each frame to make it specific to my project and show a anti-BNP point of view, however I feel that I have accomplished some good basic ideas to start produce my final shoot. It was also nice to see it didn’t look as bad as I was expecting in black and white, even though it looks more political “aggressive” in colour.

Scan 12

The ones that I really like is the onion frame still. I feel like this is a good solid food that is the basics to many dishes and I love the comparison of them being produced here and made abroad, making the viewer think. So this is one idea I definitely want for my final piece. I also came up with the bread idea, the union jack acting like mould upon the classic white loaf. I want to re-create this for my next shoot but not include the packaging. I also tried to show that even though the bread was created in Britain it says Danish on the side; I wonder what the BNP would say about this? Therefore, I want to just focus on the “mouldy” aspect as the Danish theme deters from the shock factor. Another frame that I like is the brown HP sauce drawing out the untied kingdom flag. We all think of the product as a very British item; it has the big ben on the packaging and its advertisements show it being slapped on the full English breakfast, yet little do most people know its made in Holland. I could really imagine the BNP members enjoying it on their breakfast getting ready for a day of “promoting Britishness”, which is ironic.

A few images that I shot that I am not sure about are the penne pasta ready meal. Italian gooey mozzarella and sun blushed tomatoes all promote an Italian dream in your mouth, yet this is all made and produced in England; does this make a difference? I feel like this is a strong idea, however, the packaging once again throws of the main effect. On the other hand, I did try and not use the packaging for my oriental Chinese stir-fry (made in England) and I think that it didn’t focus on the food enough. So to change this I am going to take out a macro-lens and see how it works out. I also feel that the chocolate bar is a perfect example of my chosen theme; the profits go to the British Legion (for people who gave their lives for great Britain) yet its made in Belgium. It’s too blank and doesn’t look visually exciting, and the main difference from this shoot to the practice onion experiment is the background, something that I definitely need to think about for my next shoot. I also like the 100% British onion bhaji, the Scottish brussel sprout and the northern produced creamed coconut.

I feel like I have some good ideas to carry on with my project, but I definitely want to make all the alterations that I have mentioned just previously, as well as exploring more extrovert foods; such as a British coconut. I definitely want to recreate the ‘bad’ photography skills that the onion shoot had, as I felt this really emphasised my point, but I feel like it still, hopefully, has the humour I intended it to have. Also, looking at this shoot gives me some future ideas about presentation ways. I feel like a food catalogue that the BNP can choose their weekly shopping from would be perfect for showing the conflict I have with the BNP. I want to begin to research propaganda and how it was used as a tool.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 15.46.54


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