Assignment One- Banksy

Developing and Understanding Photographic Practice

I chose Banksy for the obvious reason that he is well known for his confidence in making a bold, strong political statement; in return creating a stir in our community. But also, recently he has had some business with the BNP, which really interests me and suits this project.

Looking at the main bodies of work that Banksy has completed there is so much thought and detailing within each simple stencil. Each one a rebelling statement, typically a child questioning a sign, and this irony makes you look at how bizarre the world can be and understand that some of the things that happen in our society can be pointless and unnecessary. Do we live in a free world?

Banksy has been in the current news trends for apparently becoming the new leader of the BNP after Nick Griffin left. A spokesman said, “We loved his racist graffiti in Clacton” and carries on by saying, “The council was well out of order painting over it. With Banksy leading the party we’d have much better leaflets and stickers and that. The only problem is we can’t find a proper name and address for him. One of the lads thought he might be The Stig, but that’s just silly”… “Banksy, wherever you are, we love your racist artwork, please come and lead us”. However, do I believe this? No. I completely disagree. To me Banksy shows a strong dislike to political forms and rules, so for him to join a party seems like he’s completely contradicting all the years he’s spent protesting against it. To back up my opinion, if you take a look at his official website there’s five questions which he answers, one of which particularly relevant, ‘as a kid I always dreamt of growing up to be a character in Robin Hood. I just never realized I’d end up playing one of the gold coins’. Also the latest public stunt of Banksy being named in the public doesn’t have any strong back up, so how did they convince him to be a leader?

so which of Banksy’s work am I talking about? Take the top image for example, which has created a diverse range of opinions in our English community. It shows a tiny but very beautiful bird being greeted with beastly pigeons that refuse to let him fly over with them. I can definitely see a resemblance within our society, especially after reading some of the BNP policies. Simon Darby (a British Nationalist politician) replies with, “There’s at least half a dozen reasons for this story to make you laugh… My own favorite is that “Banksy” is too ignorant to understand that pigeons hardly ever eat worms and swallows never do. Maybe if he gave away all his £millions to potential African migrants they wouldn’t have to come here in the first place, but it isn’t stupidity preventing him doing that”.

So coming back to my work, how does this relate? Well, I need to make a strong statement of what I feel about the BNP and their policies, and I need to stick to this unless something majorly contradicts this and changes my opinions. I also feel like Banksy work has really appealing visually appealing aesthetics that draws the ordinary man walking along the street in for a closer view and then the political statement is shown. Therefore I need to make my images visually aesthetic and then show the point in which I am trying to

View some of Banksy’s work at;


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