Assignment One- Contact Proof Three Review

Developing and Understanding Photographic Practice

This will be the final contact proof before my final shoot so I want to really review it as see all the things that need changing so that the final shoot is perfect.

Scan 12

Overall, I feel like this is the strongest shoot I’ve done so far. It was definitely the right decision to not include the packaging of the objects as I feel like the food items are less generic and therefore can be argued more by myself about my argument in the final presentation. I also will be certainly using a macro-lens in the final shoot as the focus has come out a lot sharper, I need to take my time with each shot and really work with that frame to make it 100% and not rush into things.

The objects that I want to use and the reasons why have also been a lot clearer and the ones that don’t work so well (e.g. the potato) can be taken away. Here are my chosen objects and my reasons why they are included, which will help me take each fame and also in the presentation stage;

  • The onion- a classic object used as the bases for many dishes across the world; and iconic staple, yet we import it as well as grow our own- does this make a difference or affect our Britishness? Do we have a duty as a “British citizen” to choose our home-grown product?
  • The coconut- enjoyed by many English men, however completely exotic. Will this fruit be removed from our society if the BNP become a more successful party?
  • The pomegranate- we consider this part of our everyday fruit and expect it to be available in our local supermarket, but do many of us know that it’s actually produced in India and does this affect our perception of the fruit?
  • The miscellaneous item- would have never been seen a couple of years ago, but is this a reflection of our society changing- are the BNP right that the English will be the minority of Britain in the future? Is the man who follows the stereotypical norms and values of an ‘English’ person influenced by these ethnic changes?
  • The egg- this is the only British item that I am including in this shoot, and don’t we know about it. It’s got the big red classic stamp of the lion on the top. I think it’s interesting that the only British item that is used has to be stamped by us. I want the viewer to think whether or not this will change in the future? And just because it is stamped with our traditional, iconic lion does this mean that the English person considers it better than if it was to be produced in another country?
  • The sprout- we consider this one of our national vegetables, it doesn’t matter if we love them or hate them, we can all agree that we have to have sprouts for our Christmas dinner. But does it matter that actually the sprout isn’t grown in England its normally grown it Scotland? What are the views of the BNP and Scotland? Do they feel like they should stay a part of Britain or leave?
  • The fruit- a classic type of orange that isn’t actually a clementine or Satsuma. Does this show the relationship between how “English” products are being altered into more ethnic items? Is this the nations future?
  • The hp sauce- a classic British sauce that’s now made in Holland, is this still the nations number one sauce? Why did it cause so much up roar when they announced changes to their production location?
  • The chilli- as a nation we love spice and heat- the curry is supposedly the nations favourite dish and I am sure members of the BNP love a good old curry, but does the fact we import this spice from “non-white” people matter to them?
  • The chocolate- this bar of chocolate gives its profits to the Royal Legion, men who fought greatly for our country, so that England can live in freedom and keep its traditional “Englishness” yet its made in Belgium. Does this matter? I feel like this object shows heavily the project as a whole, we claim our Britishness yet we are importing so many of our foods and general items from abroad, does this mean we are not “English” anymore? Is this a reflection of the BNP and how they claim Britishness yet are not entirely using English produce? If the BNP become of a higher success will Britain become self-sufficient and how will this affect our relationship with other countries?

Another thing that I was concerned about what my dark room technique, even though I have been in the dark room for three years, these enlargers are completely different and more technically advanced then the ones I have previously used. I went to my tutor to find out why they have a washed out feel to them and it turns out it was due to the filter being turned off, as soon as I made sure the filter was on my images had a shorter exposure time and became more tonal and defined. A simple mistake but it has completely changed my images.


F11 Grade 4 9 Seconds


F ll Grade 3.2 27 Seconds

I have also scanned in my negatives to see what they will turn out like and if they are any different compared to my dark room prints. They have a lot more sepia tones within them, and they also have a very “moody” atmosphere, I like this, but I feel like it will fit my brief more to print from the dark room.Untitrrrrrled 1


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