Assignment One- Propaganda/ Final presentation

Developing and Understanding Photographic Practice

The First World War is a really good way of exploring propaganda; why it existed, how it was done, its reactions, and was it of any success?

The government needed to recruit men for war as well as convincing Britain as how to keep supporting the war and give morel. The high street was an important propaganda strategy as shops such as WH Smith could hand out millions of plantlets, focusing on belittling the enemy whilst others showed the British sprit that was needed. So this is a key idea that I need think of, how will these leaflets be distributed? The BBC have a very interesting thought, ‘politicians today often try to persuade people to think or act in a certain way, whether canvassing fro votes… Are there echo’s of NWAC propaganda in modern government campaigns?’ this is exactly what I am trying to create with in my work, a political parties propaganda, so it definitely needs to reflect that.

In an investigation Neil Oliver explores the connection between 21st century propaganda and world war one, and shows that there is a direct comparison between the two that is needs to create a successful campaign. For example, it must be visually emotional; it needs to show ‘The Heard Effect’ (making people stand together as a group), which is created by giving statistics. This is a really interesting point of view as I had never thought of pairing my images with facts and statistics but I think it will work extremely well. They’re also four other elements that create a successful piece of propaganda; repetition, simplicity, sentiment and ‘the most powerful’ the imagery. All important things that I have to consider.


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