Assignment One- Final Images and Presentation ideas

Developing and Understanding Photographic Practice

Below are all of my final prints. It has taken many a prints to get to the level that I wanted it at and a place where they look visually bad like I had intended them too. Printing images is a lot of fun and it definitely makes me appreciate photography a hell of a lot more. I think the aspect that I like the most within my final images are the tones and shadows; as you can really see the details and the definitions of the object. I also tried to make some more out of focus rather than sharp to create this “bad” image that I think the BNP would use for their propaganda. Whether or not some of the softer foods work is a matter of opinion, but the reason I chose each object individually is because I have a good annotations or caption for each one that makes them a strong piece for my presentational ideas.

So how am I going to present my final pieces? Well I have decided to create three pieces in total to get the most out of my ideas and brief. My first idea is to re-create the onion piece in a lot more of a professional manner. I have picked this because I really want to relate back to why and what this project is and how I come across the BNP, and showing Britishness and getting that idea across in the viewers mind is an essential starting point for the next two pieces. I also think its necessary to get the viewer interacting, as these photographs aren’t there to be admired and gazed upon, but they are made to make you think.

The second piece is a flyer “made by the BNP”. I chose this because I think it controls a lot of humour and really shows there polices being contradicting directly. I also think it’s a good method of propaganda as these can be handed out whilst the viewers are looking at the other two pieces. I want it to be as humorous whilst being as witty as possible.

The final piece to this project is a book. I want to create a book because I feel that I am perhaps lacking a showcase for my photographs and I have spent a lot of time shooting and in the darkroom, and so this book shall have my images displayed in a formal manner with the intentions that it’s the BNP creating this book and therefore pointing out there contradictions.

I hope each piece will live up to my expectations and really show this brief and my ideas to the fullest.


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