Assignment One- Constructing Final Pieces

Developing and Understanding Photographic Practice

So I started with the book making, as I knew this was going to be the most time consuming process. I started by making my book on InDesign as I had a little bit of previous knowledge when it comes to using this program. I found this a hard method to get right and it took me a many a print outs of my design to get the right one. I had to work out all the pages and relate that in terms of a book and how I saw myself constructing that later on.

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 14.03.09

Measuring and cutting pages

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 14.02.56

Constructing the book

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 18.31.41

The Indesign Layout

But once I had the right layout of my words I finally could print out the book, I also used a very plain and small sized font, as I wanted there to be a serious feel, like it was a “serious” book. I then bought some card as I only had seven pages and I knew this wouldn’t be sturdy enough, so it needed some support. I measured the centre of each card page and then worked out the measurements of the image and then I could cut them out using a craft knife and craft board. This was the timeliest area that I went through, as I knew everything had to be neat and precise so that it would fit together in the end whilst not showing the image borders e.c.t. Once that was done, I was then able to do the same with each print out, and then stick them together. Finally I could add my photographs to each page and I was nearly there! I then had to create a spine to my book to hold it together, so I measure out on each page where to create two sets of holes so that it was easier to stick the needle and thread through. I did this many a times to ensure my book would hold and had some strength to it. I thought I was nearly done but I didn’t like the spine showing, so I decided to wrap another piece of card around the left towards the right to hide the sewing work. And finally I could stick down the front and back pages! A time consuming process but I think it works well.

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 14.03.52

Example of BNP leaflets

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 14.11.00

The layout on Indesign

I then went on to create my flyer. Once again I decided to create it on InDesign so that it can look as professional as possible. I spent a lot of time researching political flyers and also food catalogues so that I could get a realistic looking flyer, and that’s why I included small details like the logo and a quote. This was the piece where I could really get my feelings across, hence the food order form and various other texts. The biggest thing that I think works well is that it is badly photo copied and printed. I decided to do this due to the problem of having black and white prints that would be overlooked due to the bright blues and reds of the flyer. So I decided to print in black and white, and then I thought to myself would they spend a lot of time on printing costs? Probably not! I think it definitely helps to add the humour aspect whilst hopefully making the viewer think about the BNP and Britishness. I also included a small recipe card with the flyer, which I made to try and show how I think the mentality of the BNP members think, hence the short, narrow-minded method of how to cook.

The final piece is the onion card, making the viewer think about what makes Britishness and if we are in fact British ourselves. I did the basic background with the text on InDesign after working out the measurements and then constructed it. I placed the photographs on to card to make them stronger and also it gave me an opportunity to make tabs which could then be threaded through the cut and stuck on to the back of the card, creating tabs. I then put the background onto card to hide the workings out and the tabs, and the final bit was putting the text boxes on the back of the photographs showing where the onion is from. A simple but hopefully really effective method of what I am trying to achieve.


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