Creative Digital Pracitice- The start of something new

Creative Digital Practice

Coursework one- portfolio of digital photographic work (body of work) supported by individual workbook (research) (60%) LO1-5

-Ageing population

-International culture in the UK


-Rural life

-City regeneration

-Ownership and property

Select on of the above topics and research and create a body of work in relation to the aspect(s) objects, themes, and questions.

Coursework two- presentation or interpretation (40%) LO3-5

A five-minute presentation on your body of work, your mediums, your research (become an expert on your topic)

Deadline 10th march

My project is all about the landscape of the land within England. With countryside decreasing I see it as a need to document it for future generations to experience what was once there. It will almost be a documentary fact file that also explores the senses; touch, see, smell and hear, to get the whole experience to a realistic point. It will be in reference to pieces of work that have documented landscape and environment change, but will also be supported by artist’s work, literature and new reportage on this topic.

There will be a photo book showing the work as well as the sounds and smells that I record, but the piece will also be in video form, as I feel this will be effective for a gallery showing and can be projected to a realistic size of the landscape. The audience for these pieces will be the current generation, as I would like them to have an appreciation for the landscape and learn to take it not for granted (a critical feel), but also for future generations to learn what was once there (and emotional feel).

The piece will be a series of landscapes, and I will either be shooting with a cannon 5D and a Nikon film camera with out of date film to get a washed out effect that resembles how I feel this environment will become. I will also be taking a microphone that is in the camera to record the sound, as well as picking up any fallen flowers or leaves that I can use to help document this project.

The current places that I am considering shooting are a small farming village outside lemmington spa, Castleton, Cleethorpes, Keelby (Lincolnshire), Hope Derbyshire as well as joining a walking ground that walks the peak districts as I have completed all three of my Duke of Edinburgh’s and I enjoy long distance walking

I have decided to have all of my actual imagery and recordings completed by the 15th of February, therefore I will have time to correct anything if it goes wrong, but it will also mean that I will have enough time for post-manipulations, editing and creating the final piece(s) in time. As it is a month of photographing I need to make sure I stick to a strict timetable so that I am organised and get everything to work out efficiently.

The other main worry I have with this project is the weather, it is winter and anything could go wrong so I need to firstly leave time for reshoots but secondly use weather reports to my main advantage. I will also be using maps as well as Google maps to plan my walks and journey so that I know where which route I am going and also to give me an initial view of what the location is like.

Additionally, I would like to gain some knowledge of landscape photography, as I have never photographed it seriously, so any tips and tutorials will be most beneficially to me.

I also need to create a budget plan as trains can be expensive and I will also have to purchase the final piece so there for I need to keep track of what I am spending.

The main personal goal for me will be to gain a high amount of knowledge in landscape photography, as this year my goal was to break out of my comfort zone and push myself to try new things to expand my photography level. I have never been interested in landscapes so I can use this to my advantage and create a piece that interests others just like me, and I want to try and find a way that I can really get hooked on this type of photography, whether that be by looking at more unusual artists or combining landscape photography with elements from other topics. I am also planning to set myself the personal goal of getting back in to countryside walking, as this was a passion of mine when I was a teenager and it will be nice to get back to nature and get out of a big city of which I am not use too.

I would love for my audience to be excited and intrigued when viewing my work, and for them too understand the experience and the importance of landscapes and countryside. The perfect end outcome would be for my audience to realize the importance of the land we live on and to appreciate it a lot more. I also want them to feel relaxed and back too nature.


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