Creative Digital Practice- Edale

Creative Digital Practice

My walk to Edale was a lot more different than the other walking I have done for this project. I felt a lot more abandoned and alone, and I think this was because it truly is a space that can only be walked on, there aren’t many roads, I think I encountered two small roads in my whole day. And I think this has changed my project for the better. I have previously been following small routes, to a castle or cavern e.c.t., but because there was no “landmarks” I could only rely on fences, farmers fields and rivers to keep me knowing exactly where I was.

I know this sounds stupid, that I didn’t have a more specific map, just a rough printed one, but I wanted to explore the land, however in my next shoots I definitely want to have a specific point to walk too, like an aim or goal. I feel like that is the point of walking, we all have a destination to go too, and I realised that serious walkers do have too. So I want to plan out some routes and walk as soon as possible.

In my walk around Edale, I encountered two people who were also walking at different times. I said hello and they replied but then swiftly walked away. I’m not sure if its because I have a big lensed camera around my neck, or because they can perhaps tell that I am an “amateur” walker, but I definitely want to carry on pushing for more of a conversation so I can find out why they walk and what are the feelings that get through their walking experience, as I feel like they are very stern and serious and hard too talk too.

I am also grateful that I remembered my mittens, jumpers and hat. When I had been keeping a close eye out on the weather it said that on the day it would be a light fog. However it was snowing foot deep. Once again the weather has let me down! I have perhaps chosen the worst time to walk, but I didn’t let that stop me and I tried to embrace it, whilst eating an incredibly hard, frozen chocolate bar! The landscape was so beautiful and I don’t think no matter what camera or lens I have, I will never be able to show the astonishingly stunning landscapes. I am starting to realise that it is the experience of walking that’s amazing and it’s not so much about the photography if that makes sense? I’m having different thoughts on how I can show that through photography to create my project. Perhaps not showing the landscapes at all, just maps or my blisters I have, or maybe I could take a photograph every hour, with my camera pointing towards the north of the compass to see how far I get. Looking at different artists, I am really leaning towards a diary and an informal way of documenting and recording my walking experience to make it really personal. I definitely have decided to stick to writing a diary of my day, I find it interesting with other people’s works and I feel like I gain more of an understanding with their project, so hopefully this will help me in my own. Whatever way I come up with, I am definitely getting stuck into this project now! I also like the faded colour and high definition that my photographs have. I was worried that you would be able to tell the difference between all the different walks I have done, rather than as a collection, but so far they all look like they are from the same project, which is exactly what I want. I also took an out of date film with me to see how it will look, so I shall get that developed!

Bad points:

-Don’t leave your black and white film on you’re bed again Chloe

-Map and plan a specific route and aim for a destination

-You need your proper hiking boots back from home

Good points

-Found a great location

-Got some not too shabby photographs

-Feel more comfortable with walking

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 15.17.05

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 15.17.14


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