Creative Digital Practice- Mid Project Review Presentation

Creative Digital Practice

So I was a little bit scared about this mid-term presentation review that we had to present to the class and tutors. I was sceptical of whether or not I had done enough on my blog and enough shoots, but really I feel like, especially with the tutors, the comments I got are completely where I am now and have given me the confidence of knowing that I am going in the right direction.

The first part of the day was showing off our work and then leaving anonymous comments to each other. I was surprised with the results I received; there wasn’t a single negative comment.

The positive feedback;

-Nearly all the comments said excellent research

-Strong images

-Strong concept

-Liked the photo book idea and mock-up version

Some experiments and further ideas to explore;



-Sound (already tested)

-Collecting items from the day/ walk (already gathered)

-Experiment with the photos individually

After that we then had to give a ten-minute presentation on our work and what we have achieved so far as well as any worries or concerns with the future of our project. I’m not the greatest public speaker in the world as I forget some main points I want to talk about and I feel like I don’t go into enough detail when speaking, so I’m definitely considering creating a video presentation for the second part of this assignment. But it was really nice to talk about the way I am feeling with my concept now, as I feel like this has turned more into a personal walking experience rather than a generic walking project, and my tutors completely agreed. I told everyone that I wanted to include images of my blisters, my feet, my food for the day and scans of the diary extracts for that day. I think that it’ll take my work to another level. They also said that I have an eye for writing, which I love to write, and that shouldn’t be left out in my final piece, which I feel very confident with.

Some disused points/research ideas

-Paul Atkins

-Robert McFarlane

-Listen to David Rule’s London South Bank exhibition

-Discus the connection between poetry and walking

-Experiment with text, photograms, blending in Photoshop

-Start printing out prints in the workshop

-The specific translation of walking

-The festival of walking

-Specific walks; Essex walk, Meridian

-Understand the idea of following a map is a process

-Walking groups and interaction

-Elizabeth Edwards (history)

-Claire Balding

Updated Project Proposal (second draft)

My project is all about walking and the experience it has with it. It will almost be a documentary and recording fact file that also explores the senses; touch, see, smell and hear, to get the whole experience to a realistic point. It will be in reference to pieces of work that have documented landscape and environment change, but will also be supported by artist’s work, literature and new reportage on this topic.

The final piece will be a photo book showing the work as well as the sounds and smells that I record, but I am also considering having an installation piece where I can show the map, the routes and some of the photographs enlarged, as I feel this will be effective for a gallery showing and can be projected to a realistic size of the landscape. The audience for these pieces will be the current generation, as I would like them to have an appreciation for the landscape and learn to take it not for granted (a critical feel), but also for future generations to learn what was once there (and emotional feel).

The piece will be a series of landscapes, and I will either be shooting with a cannon 5D and a Nikon D700 camera, but I would also like to experiment with out of date film to get a washed out effect that resembles how I feel this environment will become. I will also be taking a microphone that is in the camera to record the sound, as well as picking up any fallen flowers or leaves that I can use to help document this project.

The current places that I am considering shooting is mainly in the Peak District, but also in the center of England where there are various walking routes, Castleton, Lincolnshire and Hope Derbyshire as well as joining a walking group that walks the peak districts as I have completed all three of my Duke of Edinburgh’s and I enjoy long distance walking.


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