Creative Digital Practice- Ladybower Reservoir and One to One

Creative Digital Practice

So I ventured out towards Hope Valley in Derbyshire with a plan to walk straight to Ladybower Reservoir and then walk back in a loop. However, this didn’t perhaps go straight to plan as I got incredibly lost and it turned out I walked the longest way possible, through win hill and then walked the Thornhill trail and had to get the train back from Bamford. But the important thing is I MADE IT!

And I really enjoyed it, these walks are become an exciting adventure of possibilities. The map didn’t particularly help me as once you’re lost your lost on a map too, but I think it does aid the excitement. I think its amazing the completely different terrains you visit from just a couple of feet from each other. It can go from boggy moorland, to forestry, to chalk, to rock. It never fails to amaze me how much there is on our land, and there was one particular point of this journey where I was surrounded by waterfalls handcrafted by the surrounding greenery, and I thought to myself how is something so beautiful created here on this land. And I began to feel like an explorer, like no one had ever visited here before; I was out there alone discovering the world.

I also feel like my walking and my sense of a walker has become stronger. I’m starting to walk like one with my arms flying high, my mind ignoring the heavy backpack and my feet determined not to make a fuss. My confidence has also grown, I don’t feel panicked if I get lost, nothing bad will happen, and I’m getting more exciting of exploring and wanting to know what’s further ahead on the path. Whatever happens with this project, I know of one thing; I love walking and I want to carry it on throughout my whole life.

With this walk I also chose to take a Edirol, which is a sound recording device. I had previously been expermineting with sound and how that connects within my work, but I had only been recoring on my iphone, which was quite good quality actually, but I wanted to use something with a bit more professionalism. I found it hard to walk with the recorder, as a camera weighs enough round your neck as it is, nevermind trying to hold a recorder in your hand aswell. Either way, I did a couple of recordings and we’ll see how they have turned out. I also feel the most prepared I have ever felt. I had spare carry bags in case of rain and for the muddy clothing, I had the most sugary snacks you can find and I had tissues that have turned into a necessity as I’ve been walking higher and higher peaks. The weather, once again, didn’t get my spirits down. In fact I found it exciting. I was on the top of Hope Brink when I saw snow clouds come in over towns from above and I could see tiny little balls of snow, which was incredible. I’m hoping that my project becomes a success for me and in a couple of years when I look at my work, my memories come flooding back.

 Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 15.34.32 Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 15.34.40 Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 15.34.52

Good points;

-Good experimentation with mediums- photographs, sound recordings and physical items

-Feel like we’ve finally cracked that personal walking feel in the imagery

-Confident in preparing for a walk now

Bad/ to-do points;

-Remember to fix your camera hood to your camera properly, or else it will show up in the photographs…

-Perhaps write a list of the emotions your feeling for help with text later on

I also had one to ones with my tutors in the past week. I didn’t really particularly get anything from my first meeting but the second one was particularly helpful, as we talked he gave me consolidation on my thoughts, and it made feel like I am heading in the right direction. One idea I hadn’t told anyone was that I really wanted to try and draw some of the different types of birds that I had heard or had seen throughout my walk. He gave me a good artist to look at and I really want to get expermineting. I’ve also been really in to the idea of including the map throughout my whole project, but recently I feel like it doesn’t show my work. Its too busy, and I only used it on the two last walks that I did. But I can keep experimenting with it, but I think it’s too much for my imagery, so we’ll see.

I’ve also been scanning some of the plants and woodland that I have seen throughout my journey, and he suggested the idea of photographing, as scanning them creates a flattened feel. I’m not sure as I love them scanned as you can see the detail, particularly the fern leaf, but till be interesting to see what happens.

And the final point we talked about was my end book. I hated the outcome of my book last term, it was a shameful attempt as a book, and I swore to myself that I’d never do it again. But I suppose it does pose some good ideas, I could use different materials and not just have it as a paper book, creating a formal manner. I could have the items stuck into it and create an almost 3D book. I’m going to experiment and see if there’s a professional way I can do it, possibly by printing them out onto specialist paper and then binding it. But I will be making a virtual book on InDesign as well just for my own piece of mind. I definitely will be researching into how to go about this as well as other books that have used various techniques.

I also feel like I’m ready to come towards the end of my shooting. This project could go on for years for me, I love it and the theme so much and there’s a crazy amount of research and meanings behind walking. But my last shoot I only shot around thirty or less frames, which I consider a small amount. And I guess this means my thoughts are more contained to a particular point. I’m really excited to get experimenting and to start to see the final piece come together.


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