Creative Digital Practice- Book binding

Creative Digital Practice

So as I have been experimenting with different things that I could include in my final piece, I am now starting to look at how I can actually put the whole thing together. From book binding to dummies of the book, I need to take all of this in to consideration.

I’ve previously book binding for a graphics project that I did, and I really enjoyed it. However, I don’t have the range of equipment that I did when at college, so I found that YouTube videos of DIY bookbinding are really helpful. My three favourite ways to bind a book are;

  • Single sheet binding (good for thicker paper, bad as you have to bind every page, need a specific binding needle)
  • Perfect binding (quick and easy to do, but has to be done with every sheet and time consuming)
  • Japanese styled binding (looks neat, easy to do, simple, but needs a big guttering and can be time consuming)

My favourite is definitely the last; it seems to be relatively simple to do but still looks highly professional.

I then went on to actually try it out, and I know that I only used a couple of sheets of thin paper with some thin sewing thread, but it seems quite easy to do. I am worried that it will look like a mess, but as long as I take my time with marking out the holes it should be perfect.

After trying out some binding techniques, I then went on to make my first test book. I always find it intimidating to have a billion photographs that you some how have to put in order. So I chose my most memorable, (I wanted to choose the images that have personal meaning to them, rather then a beautiful aesthetic look) and I started to play with them, putting them in different orders and positions. I then managed to create some sort of order, and left it for another day. I feel like leaving this break in between is always a positive thing as you can see differences and what’s not working so well.

Once I had a play around with the images, I then create some sort of book. However, I know things can look completely different once you create a book on your computer. So I chose to do this on InDesign as I have had practice with it before and feel confident with it. I had to make sure that everything was precise, as if it wasn’t then that would be I couldn’t bind it correctly.

I met up with one of my tutors to have a conversation about the book which was really helpful as I wasn’t happy with it and I felt like I wanted to show my viewers how much had gone into this book, how much research, experimentation and time, so it looked overpowered with things. So, I went home and sat with the book alone and marked out everything I hated liked or wanted to be altered and this really helped me out.

I will hopefully be gaining confidence with just my images, and I need to realise that less is more.

Dummy book 1:

IMG_5310 IMG_5311

Dummy book 2:

IMG_5314 IMG_5315 IMG_5316


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