Creative Digital Practice- Order my printing and final piece template

Creative Digital Practice

So since my last post I have developed my final ideas and final piece a lot. I have been playing around with the look, the meaning and the extras like typography e.c.t. to get it to a standard that I feel works really well.

I edited all my images on Photoshop and then created a template on InDesign to make sure each page was identical. I felt like my previous attempt at my book was too formal, over powering and lacking that personal feel that I really want to capture. So I used different images, in different positions, in different places, until I was reasonably happy with it.

I feel like this is definitely showing more confidence with my images, and I’m not relying on extra things to try and show how much research, effort and passion has gone into this work. Less is more! I also think it’s a much strong body of work, regardless of the personal aspect. I’ve thought about how to use the images to get the best out of them, making them a different size or paring them up. I also decided to stick with the font, Garamond, and for all the typography (except the title) to be a size 10.

I was also debating the name of the book. I had previously said that I didn’t like the name I had chosen, so I decided to go back to Robert MacFarlane and look at the terms he talked about as its really interesting the way we have different words or words that have gone out of use, but still important when talking about walking. Some of these are immram, foil and periplus. However, the two that I knew instantly were describing my experience and my work perfectly is senderismo (meaning walking or path following) and stravaig (meaning to wander aimlessly, unguided by outcome or destination). So I decided to group these two words together to create a unique name, and I also think its quite exciting because many people won’t know what these two words mean and that’s the same with walking, you don’t know what’s coming, there’s an air of excitement.

I have just been to the university print bureau that we have to get these images printed and it didn’t go how I expected it to have. I had originally decided to get them done on the ink printer double sided. However, as they printed a tester sheet for me to see how a page will look, it wasn’t the high quality that I IMG_5312 IMG_5320wanted. The color was patchy and the resolution looked very low. So then I had the option to change how I wanted to print it. I decided that I wanted to get the maximum quality out of my imagery so I picked laser printing. This means that my images will no longer be double sided, I will have to spray mount them and it’s a little frightening as something could either go wrong or it doesn’t have that professional look I was going after. It will also be time consuming as I will have to arrange the pages, spray mount them together and then bind, so I am perhaps pushing it for time. It will also cost a lot more, ink printing is 44p whereas the printing that I want is going to cost 82p. It doesn’t sound much but I have a lot of pages to print that will add up. However the positives to choosing this is that the images have a high quality look on thicker and stronger material, and overall this will hopefully give me a professional finish.

My Final template:

the walk


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