Working With Light- The start of something new

Working With Light

So today we had our introduction to our new project, 152 MC working with (light) light. And its definitely a project I love the sound of, its basically comprised of two things that I love; photo books and narratives. And that’s it, that’s how open it is, and for me that’s really exciting. There are obviously certain things like learning objects that we are suppose to aim for, but apart from that we have free range, I can’t wait to get stuck in.

The other half of todays lecture was the best thing that I have personally done since I’ve been at uni. We were given this mysterious brown envelope. Inside the package was various things; another white envelope, a reading book (everyone’s was different), a mix tape with various songs on it (again everyone’s was different) and finally various information and guidance about this project overall and information on the different lessons that will be taking place on the upcoming weeks.

So what’s in the white envelope you ask me? Well we all opened them and they were comprised of totally different things. Mine was made up of a newspaper article, a Polaroid, a page of a book, a poem, an image, a photograph of a book from our uni library and a QR code. We were then free to explore these objects and swap and compare with everyone else’s that they got. In the end I had a pretty good narrative going on, and it made me feel like this amazing detective.

The CD I received was really interesting. Its music that I’d have never considered listening to but that really opened my mind. It was mostly country music, and each song told a very clear narrative. The singer told his emotions and the song came alive, most are songs about loosing a girl they love or a girl they can’t have, which is very sad and I felt their pain and waiting when I listened to each word. It shows me that I need to get the same emotions and descriptiveness through in my work for it to become a successful narrative.

My story was of a ring that was lost; my newspaper cutting was titled ‘Ring found in sea 6 years on’. I then had gained a word from someone’s that said, ‘Wasbi-Sabi’. After research this is Japanese for “imperfect, impermanent and incomplete”, this is how I imagine the person who lost this ring feels. My QR code took me to a BBC4 recording, ‘A survivors secret’, this could be the story from the ring that was lost, and how did it manage to survive for six years? I also received a poem by Kobayashi Issa, ‘Step by step/ up summer mountain- suddenly the sea.’ And as you can imagine this fits in really well. I also researched the image of the book and it led me to ‘Bride stripped bare by her bachelors, even again’. And finally an image of a bed with a very mysterious and hidden shadow hanging over this bed. I can imagine that this is perhaps the figure that stole this wedding ring and threw it in the sea.

I really like this way to start a project and it’s given me some ideas already. I know that I want to continue with my plan of doing completely new and different things this year, as I promised myself this year I would experiment as much as possible and try and grow my photography and creative skills as much as I can. I think I want to create a fictional piece this year as well. I recently been inspired by my essay exploring if we have any less gratitude for a piece that has been fictionally curated rather then by fact. I could look at artists like Christopher Patterson’s ‘Red Headed Peckerwood’, Sabina Mac Mahon, ‘An Ulaid- South Down Society of modern Art’ and Gerard Mermoz, ‘Histories/(Hi)stories’ all as initial inspiration to get me thinking about how to go about creating a fictional body of work.

We are asked to create three starting ideas for this project for next week’s tutorial;

My first idea- a mystery murder project. I watched a program on how Britain is the most obsessed country for mystery murders, and we want to know not the victim but the murder. I could also look at self-portraits, murders that have actually taken place, cludeo, and Agatha cristae and Sherlock and many more, so it’ll be great in terms of research. My main photographic influence could be Christopher Patterson’s Red Headed Peckerwood as this is a perfect inspiration for me to base my thoughts visually. This being a murder Mystery project would allow me to explore different mediums as well as it just being photographic, to create this real experience for my viewers to take in, for example, blue prints, human remains, tickets, receipts, letters, diary extracts and newspaper cuttings as well as fully exploring how text can be used in effect.

My second idea– this idea is surrounding a non-fictional piece. Basing a true narrative and recreating it. For example I could explore my Great Granddad who was born on the same day and same month to me. I admire him very much I’ve heard a lot about him in the war and some incredible things he’s done, but also he was the mayor of the village we still live in. I would have lots of images to photograph but it would mean firstly taking trips home which would be expensive and time consuming and also I don’t think I’m old enough to learn about him, as I think I would really want to discover more about him and this project time space is relatively short.

My third idea- my last idea is to go off the plain made when I was given my white envelope. I made a short narrative about the discovery of this ring that was found after six years of it being lost. I found it really exciting and I could use my imagination to explore who, what, when, why and how. It would be a unique project but I’m not sure if there’s that much that I can develop on and take it to a further level.


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