Developing Initial Ideas

Working With Light

My first developed idea is from the newspaper cutting I received in my pack, which is headlined, ‘Ring found in sea 6 years on’. I was memorised by this story, as six years is a huge amount of time for something to be lost and then found, ignoring the fact it was lost in the sea which is crazy. I was hooked on how this ring could be found, it was a wedding ring, which is obviously incredibly important, and somehow it came back to the groomsman?

If I was to carry on developing this idea I want to know precisely how, what, when, who and why this ring was lost. It says in the newspaper extract that the ring was simply lost when the man was launching a lifeboat and it slipped off. His best friend who was walking across the shoreline then discovered it six years later. To me this sounds too good to be true, and I’d love to develop the concept.

The other objects that I received all seemed to match up with this idea. I received a photograph of a reference of a book, ‘Bride stripped bare by her bachelors, even again’, linking to the wedding ring, a QR code for ‘A Survivors Secret’, which could be the narrative of the ring and how it actually managed to survive. I also gained the poem, ‘Step by step/ up the summer mountain- suddenly the sea’, I love the dramatic feel as you are transported from this beautiful image of the sun and aseptically pleasing imagery of mountains and then suddenly drowned in the deep water. And finally I got the term, ‘Wabi-Sabi’ which is Japanese for beauty that is ‘imperfect, impermanent and incomplete’, which to me resembles how I’d feel if I was to loose a ring.

I love the range of mediums this concept has already started with and I can really relate to loosing a ring that is so important and the emotions you’d have. However I’m not sure I can really develop this idea further and take it to the next level. I feel that there are too many boundaries and I cannot mess with the basic idea in order to create a stronger and more elaborate narrative for the lost ring.

My second initial idea is telling the narrative of someone that they cannot tell themselves. For this I picked my great granddad, out of all the family I would say he has experienced a huge amount of things. He went from a little boy living in a small house with a big family to the mayor of our village.

Whenever I walk around the village and bump into someone they always tell me stories about my great granddad, the things he’s done and the lives he’s touched. Some of the things I’ve heard from him are that he got a bullet stuck in his hand (which he never did get removed) by running and carrying someone off the front line during world war two. As a family every time we see someone collecting for the Salvation Army we always put money in the tin as my great granddad swears that he was dying and a cup of coffee by the Salvation Army saved his life. And its things like that which we all still do as a family that still shows his alive today in our blood and thoughts. He was also the mayor of our village and well recognised in the church community.

Even though I have never had the pleasure of meeting him, I feel like somehow I have. I know the places he went, the habits he had, and the people he trusted. I also feel like I have some sort of connection with him as I was born on the same day and month as him and people tell me we have similar personalities. He definitely gives me motivation to become a better person, and for someone who I have never met before, I think that’s inspiring and needs to be recognised.

My great uncle still lives in the same house that my great granddad lived in with my great grandma when they first got married, its nearly all untouched due to my great uncle working away a lot. It would be easy for me to photograph the house, as well as the places he visited and the church that was a big part of his life. As well as my grandma giving me objects and photographs from his life that she has collected over the years. However, the big reason I have decided not to go through with this concept is that I don’t feel old enough to try and tell his story. I feel like this is a project I need to produce after I’ve had a life myself and gain experiences so I can relate to him. I feel too young to give my great granddad justice due too the few weeks we have to complete this project. It’s something that I will do, but just not yet.

My third idea is a murder mystery concept. This is something that really interests me after watching a documentary on it, which really hooked me. There are so many different ways this project could end up going and that excites me. I was really interested in this after learning that British people are the most obsessed people for murder mystery’s, however its not the victim we tend to care for its discovering of who the actual murderer is that gives us the most excitement.

The research that I can be able to go into is a heavy amount, which is good because this is the part that I truly love; learning about a new subject. I can explore Agatha Christie, Poirot and Sherlock homes. I can learn about different strategies that my target audience go through when playing games like Cludeo to learn about how they uncover the clues, and I can also attend murder mystery nights that are held to create a dramatic yet adrenaline filled real life drama experience. I want to explore one of my favourite photographers, Christian Patterson in ‘Red Headed Peckerwood’ and ‘A mystery Phone call’.

I will also be allowed to develop new photography skills in aspects that I have not yet experiment with, such as forensic photography and photojournalism. Exploring photographers like Weegee. I could even use self portraiture in my work, which I love, to make sure that only I am the only one who truly knows the who the murder is. I can recreate past events and moments to document the murderer in his footsteps.

The range of mediums I can work with and explore is a huge amount; maps, drawings, Morse code, objects, text, packaged items, tickets, receipts, confession letters, diaries, telephone numbers, transcripts, newspaper cuttings and blue prints. This will ensure that the narrative I’m trying to tell is a realistic one and the viewers truly believe this is a real murder. I would also be able to explore text within photographic bodies of work and this is something I have a passion for and previously makes my work a lot stronger.

I will have to decide whether or not to make this either a fictional or non-fictional murder, or both. I could combine different events to create a new murder. Another important decision that I will have to make is what era I want to make this body of work in. I have been listening to the CD that I received in my pack and their were two songs that have really opened my eyes for this concept, George Jones ‘He Stopped Loving Her Today’, and more importantly, Lovin Brothers ‘Knoxville Girl’, both are folk songs which a happy beat but when you actually listen to the lyrics that they are singing it very shocking and really got to me. So it’ll be interesting to see whether or not I could include the narratives to this song in my own work.

Overall this is the concept I’m most excited about, it will push me once again out of my boundaries whilst also being free to explore completely new things. It fits in with the brief, as I’d want to photograph still life, portraits, rooms and landscapes anyway and it’ll be amazing to try something new!


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