Letter To Myself

Personal Professional Development

Tuesday 14th April, 2015 Hey past Chloe! This feels like it was years ago, so much has happened! Don’t worry about your summer tasks, you got them in on time and were proud of them! And as for the home things, you’re definitely using them. Your flatmates are perhaps the people who you would have like to pick, but there all right. However, there are some crazy people in the block next to you, I don’t know what you would have done if you hadn’t met them. They’re wild, hilarious and your going to be living with them next year! (Note to future Chloe don’t leave your heart plates near them). Your best friends from back home are just as amazing as ever; uni has made the time we get back home more important. We’ve just had Easter and it was literally amazing. Did I get to go camping in the summer and what am I going to do for my 21st birthday? You decided to work for Christmas but not for Easter. The Christmas party was good (shout out to the spice girls tribute), but your debating whether or not to go back for the summer or just enjoy it? And don’t worry; home doesn’t feel that far away. The journeys to uni are so long but once I’m here it doesn’t feel that long. You write to Jen Jen all the time! Alfie’s still one determined puppy to ignore me when I’m home to make me feel bad, but he still loves you! Coventry is slowly starting to feel like home. It’s completely different to home but it’s nice to make a life here, which you’ve done. As for joseph, don’t worry, your still as close as ever. You’ve not seen him as much as you’d like too because your both been doing work, but when you have done you’ve always had amazing times. The burn book is still as alive as it ever has been, don’t worry! You got a Polaroid camera for your last birthday and you’ve been taking photos to create some amazing memories! Which reminds me you’ve officially moved in your new home with fifi! She decorated your room whilst you were in your second term, its literally so perfect. You seem to have gotten a lot more laid back as a person; you want to embrace being an individual and being different and creative. I don’t think you’ve visually changed as a person that much, you want to get your hair short but are too lazy/ scared too (have I done it yet?). Your still a veggie, its been 15 years now and its something your really proud of, and now your cutting out dairy in your life. Uni seems to have made you become super healthy (ignoring those after jj’s maccies and the fact you haven’t signed up to the gym (YET)). As for your work, it’s completely different. This year I’ve done things out of my comfort zone, the BNP, the peak district and now a murder mystery (did I hand the final one in in time?). You’re becoming really experimental and different, which is helping your self-confidence. Hopefully your second year will be more “your style”. You’ve realised that you have a huge passion for writing and hopefully that will carry on. You’ve enjoyed your first year, it’s gone super fast, you’ve made some incredibly friends, so just enjoy second year just as much. Lots of love (once again that was awkward) Chloe xxxxx


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