Am I A Divergent?


So let’s get straight to the point, no (It must be faulty), apparently the test said I was suited to Abnegation. However, we all know that I was obviously born a divergent.

Being a huge movie addict, I was surprised that I chose to watch divergent. I’ve not heard anything about it, whether this was due to lack of advertising or if in fact I just hadn’t been looking out for it, I don’t know. Although, if I hadn’t watched this film, I would definitely be missing out. I was glued to my tv screen; my eyes peeled so far open. Its one movie that is unpredictable, and they are rare.

The movie is set after a five years after a terrible war, which created a great wall, gating in everyone. These people then created five factions that were made in order to keep peace; Abnegation, Candor, Dauntless, Amity and Erudite. When you are sixteen you basically can choose any faction that you feel you fit in best. However, once you are in that faction, you cannot go back to your original faction (if you have chosen differently), and if you fail their initiation then you become factionless, our equivalent to the homeless, where only Abnegation will give you food and acknowledge you. During the movie, you ask yourself which faction would I be in? And in fact I would like to say that I have a little bit of them all in me; honesty, kindness, braveness, intelligence and peacefulness.

The main plot focuses on Beatrice Prior, or later known as Tris. We see her as she transactions from Abnegation to Dauntless, whilst also finding out, and hiding, the fact she is in fact a Divergent. Because she has a power of being a divergent she must save the factions from Jeanine, who is using simulations to control the Dauntless to kill Abnegation. Will she do it? You have to find out.

I do have to say that I have a love hate relationship with the music editor for this movie. We have the most beautiful scene when Tris becomes a Dauntless and climbs the metal railings towards the train stop above her. Run Boy Run by Woodkid makes this scene so emotional beautiful and I, as a viewer, feel the same freedom and happiness that is going through Tris. I will never get bored of this part of the movie and the rush of adrenaline it gives me. However, the frequent Ellie Golding songs for me just ruined the movie. I felt like the director was sponsoring Golding as she has one million songs in the movie, and these are the most delicate parts, for example when Tris and Four (movie spoiler) kiss, and all you can hear is Ellie Golding screeching in the background, I believe they should have used more instrumental songs to really focus on the movie.

But there’s one area in which I need to bite the bullet and talk about, and that’s the obvious similarities to The Hunger Games. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t similar, the factions and the districts, the feeling of the main character not fitting in with society because she has certain strong beliefs and the purposes and tasks that they must go through to restore peace and harmony. However, even though both movies are unbelievably similar, they have also earned their right to be two amazing movies.

And because I care about you guys getting the most out of your little Divergent selves, I have also read the book. It has so many differences and its hard to say which ones better, but I do have to say the book explains so much and they’re are many more things that happen that really effect the plot that aren’t even mentioned in the movie at all. We don’t see Peter and Drew stab Edward in the eye and we don’t discover the connections and bonds Tris makes with the Dauntless born initiates. We see a more emotional side and more thoughtful side to our main character, but in the movie it is more aggressive and a lot harder to live in.

Overall, I really like the movie and love the book. But it is one of those plots that I’m not sure I could watch it for a second time, due to knowing what has happened already. One thing is for certain; Insurgent, I am ready for you.

Movie rating: 7/10

Book rating: 8/10


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