Mad Max: Fury Road

201MC Professional Experience

I am going to start by standing up and clapping the director and the actors for this movie. This is without a doubt one of the best movies I have ever seen by far, and believe me I have seen thousands of films. I will be telling my friends, family and my supermarket checkout lady how amazing this film was until everyone in the world has seen it.

So lets start with the not so good things; the trailer. I have mixed emotions towards the trailer, watching it didn’t make me jump out of my seat and say “YES WE ARE WATCHING THIS BAD BOY”, it just made me say, “Alright, we’ll watch it”. It does not do justice for the film at all, but on the other hand I am sort of glad that it didn’t give away the entire movie, as every trailer normally does. I made me love the movie even more somehow, because I wasn’t expecting it.

Now we’ll get to the good parts; the whole movie. We don’t find out how the world ended up like the desert, wasteland post-apocalyptic place that it is shown to be, but the people living on the land have become scavengers and tyrants. The fight for water and gasoline is frequent, and throughout the movie, I too understood the same need for both, and the desperate feeling that goes throughout each cast member. We meet the leading actor Max (the nothing but amazingly talented Tom Hardy) who had managed to be an alone survivor before being captured by the grim reaper/ peasant looking gang. We then realise that the reason he was captured was for his blood to be transplanted into a gang member’s body, Joe, who later assists Max and ultimately pays the price for his bravery. When one of the leading bosses, Imperator Furiosa, goes out in her truck to fight for gasoline, she suddenly makes a sharp left turn towards the east. She is trying to get the five women, who are kept for the breeding of the king like gang leaders children, to the Greenland to get safety. Max successfully escapes Joes car and joins Furiosa’s tank, and throughout the movie we see different gangs trying and cut them off, burn them and kill them. Will they make it to the Greenland or will they change direction completely? You have to watch to find out.

So why do I now have an obsession with this film? The amount of money gone in to this film has been used to its absolute advantage. The locations, in Iraq, are completely beautiful yet mind-blowing. The characters and even the extras are dressed to perfection and lets not forget the crazy verticals made which are things you can’t even imagine. The Character Nux, is far from the characters Nichols Hoult has played previously. He has the twisted and bitter personality created by the desperation and greed of the gang and the scene where he says, “What a lovely day” just sums up the movie as a whole.

During the film my partner mentioned that this movie was given the thumbs up from feminists, and I’m not really too sure about that. You have the powerful Furiosa who is called the boss amongst the gang, yet you still have the beautiful, Greek goddess girls who are Victor secret models and that defeats the strength Furiosa has.

Throughout the whole of the movie, particularly towards the ending, I was on the edge of my sofa, hoping that max and Furiosa get the survival that they were trying so hard to get. But actually it’s a completely different ending to what I had pictured and I LOVE THAT. There’s nothing worse than a predictable movie, but this is far from it. So don’t bother watching the trailer, watch it. If you don’t you’ll feel incomplete.

Movie Rating: 10/10


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