Paper Towns- Book and Movie

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So I was lucky enough to get to go to the advance screening of paper towns. I had previously just finish reading the book and I’m not going to lie I was sceptical of how the book and movie are going to compare.

Lets start with the book. I’m not a massive john green fan, however I say that but I do aim to read all his books. They all have a serious amount of truth to them, Green makes these books realistic and deters away from the fairy tale ending that 99.9% of authors and filmmakers stick too.

I really had moments when reading the book of being absolutely addicted to specific parts, but then I also had parts where I could have put the book down and not bothered reading anymore. The unlucky cards that Q has been dealt and the other characters, made it really relatable and I found myself within the story. I found Ben and Radar to be real assets to the book and they made it really fun and enjoyable. Radars parents’ obsession with black Santa’s mixed with Ben’s love of the word Honey bunnies made it a typical teenage read. *Heads up, there’s some spoilers coming up* I fell in love with Ben creating the sword from cans and his grandma tee-shirt, I love the omincitionary and I love the way Q talks to us like we are mix between himself and his best friend.

Another aspect that I loved was the final chapter where it is divided up into hours showing each part of the road trip. I was, and still am, dying to go on a road trip. They all had laughs and the way they planned each garage stop minute by minute was hilarious. I also really, really loved the way Green gave us the clues, however I would never have guest the final outcome; it was unpredictable.

Now we have to come to not so great parts. The ending. I hate Margo. I wanted her to kiss Q and for them to live happily ever after. Green hasn’t allowed this, and yes I know lives not like this, but I was hoping for something better than the way it did end. I found it a real anti climax, after all the adrenaline from the road trip and the suddenly finding Margo, I was left floating in my bath saying “Oh”. And that was that.

Of all the endings and possibilities that we go through in the book, from New York City to the mysterious events Margo is rumoured to attend, she is found simply in an abandoned barn. With all the hilarious and amazing character personalities, the book is let down by the ending. But was this Greens intention, for us to want more?

Now we get down to the nitty gritty of the movie. I was nervous about seeing this movie, as I’m not a fan of reading the same book as the movie as it never works out well, but actually I saw them two different pieces of work.

If I were to compare the movie to the book then I would definitely say the movie missed half of the things that made up the book. These weren’t just little things, but also big things. Firstly, (I’m just going to get this out of the way as my mother, who went with me, was furious by this), Angela was apart of the road trip. The dynamics were completely changed. In fact, now I look back the exhilarating and electrifying road trip wasn’t there. It’s a really important part to the plot, and I felt it was rushed into just a couple of viewing minutes. I was really excited to see how they were at the garage with their plan of action, but this didn’t happen and neither was the way they made the minivan into a home. Wait, now I think about it even the minivan was a people carrier car.

Another really disappointing thing was the part in the book where Margo and Q go on their night spree and seek revenge. In the movie we saw three half hearted revenge punishments. To me this was an important part because Margo and Q reconnected as friends. Even the little details of graduating naked and Q receiving the minivan as a shared present just were not there.

However, after saying all this I did prefer this ending, the way all three friends say goodbye to each other, after having this big adventure, I really felt happily sad. I do this the casting directors did a phenomenal job on picking the cast members; practically Q, Radar and Ben.

So how do I feel overall? Well would I read this book again; most likely. Would I buy the movie on DVD; maybe. I’ve only touched on some small points, but I think both the movie and John Green did a fantastic job on making the book the best it could be and similar with the movie. The film isn’t a reflection of the book but its own plot and creation.

Book Rating- 6.5/10

Movie Rating- 5.5/10


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