Rework a task from last year


“If only I had more time, I would…”

Picking which module to rethink and perhaps change was easy for me. My first terms project just wasn’t me and I really didn’t feel like developing it further. My final terms project was the one I really felt like I had gotten to a stage where I was extremely happy with, and also I had only just finished it and hadn’t had that break to think about it. So that leaves my second project. I did really enjoy doing this series on walking, but the time period we had just went so incredibly fast that I perhaps didn’t spend as much time talking it as far as I wanted.

I started to think about what changes I wanted to make, and began to take some more photographs. I really like some of the images that I began to take, but I quickly realised that they didn’t fit into the series. I honestly don’t think I actually needed to change any of the photographs. The main purpose behind this project is this specific journey that I was on for three months. And so when I begin to retake some images it just wasn’t the same, and although any viewer perhaps wouldn’t notice the difference between these two walks, I can, and that’s really important to me. So I decided to not change any of these images and keep the same experience that I had.

DSC_0003 DSC_0015 IMG_0044 IMG_0045

So I then thought about what I actually would change, and looking back to our final feedback I didn’t receive any criticism except for the binding. I chose to do a Japanese’s style bind and that resulted in a really tight fitting book and you couldn’t actually see a quarter of the images. I perhaps rushed due to worrying about getting the book actually finished, and not perhaps putting as much attention as I could do into the final stage, which is one of the most important. So I started by choosing the bind, I chose a single sheet bind, and I have taken lectures in my final term of how to actually do a bind professionally (if only I had known how to do this in my second term!). I change the thickness of the paper as well and went one step thinner as I feel like it will be easier to flick through the pages. I then had to alter some of my images and layout due to the bind. I also thought about changing the name, (mainly to “one foot in front of the other”) but I decided not to because I like the mysteriousness of my original title. Furthermore, I kept the fact my name wasn’t included anywhere in the book because it keeps in secretive, intimate and the viewer can place himself or herself as the photographer.

IMG_4618 IMG_4619 IMG_4620 IMG_4621 IMG_4622 IMG_4623

I’m really pleased with this bind, and I’m glad I changed it from the original book because it lays flat and you can really get your head close and see the images in a detailed fashion. I believe it’s a more professional looking book and I’m really proud to show it on my website as I think at this moment in my time this is the best it can be and I’m happy with my amendments.


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