Three YouTube videos you NEED to watch

201MC Professional Experience

Ok so some of these maybe specifically photography related and some more life questioning, but whoever you are you need to watch them. They will seriously change your way of thinking and your lifestyle.

If you’re anything like me then you’ll spend approximately 98% of your Internet time watching YouTube videos. I watch so many fashion hauls, vlogs and makeup tutorials that I actually get surprised when you get the 0.1% of life changing videos. So prepare yourself and enjoy…

Video One- The Art assignment- “I could do that”

Yes yes yes. Any artist no matter where they live or what they do will relate to this video. This is how meeting strangers usually goes:

“So what do you do at uni?”



“No photography”

“Oh, so you enjoy uni then?”

why the “Oh” why why why. Its like I literally said I was doing nothing with my life. I work extremely hard to be the best I can be and it does really upset me that people don’t consider my chosen subject as useful.

This video is made by the fantastic author John Green’s wife, who really goes on to discus why people can have the guts to say “I could have done that”. Even the work that seems simple and child like is incredible in depth, and she argues why don’t you recreate this then? And the main thing behind people’s art creations is a real meaning that is so important and the reasons behind the pieces created and well executed. If you are one of these people then please I beg you to watch this video because you’ll see how hard artists work.

“Next time you feel compelled to say I could do that”, don’t say that; instead say why did they create that.

Video two- Ted Talks “The power of connection: David Erasmus at TedxManchester”

So this isn’t anything specifically related to photography, but it’s a video everyone should watch. David isn’t making anyone donate, its not a charity video, but he does put into your head “its not ok”. This is amazing. I am one of these people who feel sorry for more vulnerable people than me, but do I actually do enough. The littlest thing can change someone’s life. This talk makes me want to use my skills with photography to change people’s life.

David also makes you belief in yourself, the amount of things you can do with your life. I honestly don’t want to be looking back in twenty, thirty years time thinking, “Chloe, you didn’t make the most of your life”.

Also, there is a small section within his talk where he talks about the power of technology and the Internet. We should be using it to create advantage and not to our disadvantages.

I’m not really into Ted talks; I find them quite bulky and long, whereas watching this video has really helped me start to get into them. He’s a really sweet man who has a huge heart. And there’s even a fantastic painter at the end. This is honestly a really inspiring video, and it would be amazing for you to watch it.

Video Three- Will Darbyshire “Pictures”

Will is a well-known youtuber, hanging around with some of the most “famous” youtubers in the world. His work is therapeutic and thought provoking.

This is a really short video, but as a photographer it’s easy for me to get so deep into trying to understand every detail of photography. In this video Will takes you back to the simplest meanings behind your photographs. We all have them, these objects that are actually a lot more than pictures, they are memories and documents. I hope that one day in fifty years time ill be looking back at my pictures and re-live in the times I took them. It’s a short but amazingly sweet video that makes you re-question why you took photography in the first place.


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