266MC- Self Reflection


Personal Reflection:

I found this particular activity really helpful. I previously have not worked in a team like this, as I usually prefer to work individually. However, I found this really beneficial because I learned a lot of new skills from my other peers. We worked really well as a team to explore everyone’s ideas and create a good set of images.

I definitely feel like when I’m in the studio to maybe not go straight to the first initial way of how to approach the lighting set up. If something goes wrong there’s always another way to approach it, and using different peoples ideas makes one stronger image. I particularly like Evans as I feel like the lighting is much more softer and it’s the most similar to the images. Saying that I also light the image where I was the model, as we got to experiment with a snoot and do something that I wouldn’t have done otherwise. Lily’s was set up accurately but it was a shame the sunlight wasn’t strong enough. Paige’s is also a nice one but I’m not sure if the backgrounds are similar.

In the end I gained some confidence with working as a group and I know in the future to use others instincts, which will create a “better” image. I learnt how to use http://www.lightingdiagram.com, I also gained confidence in knowing I can use the equipment to a certain standard.

Equipment used:

-Cannon mark ii



– Spotlight

-Soft box light

-Diffuser materials


-Paper (Cone)





For this one we used a large umbrella and a flash. We turned the flash down after a couple of attempts to create a softer light and positioned the model further away from the wall to erase the shadow against the backdrop.


Getting the light to produce a harsh spotlight on the correct side of her head was tricky, the snoot we used didn’t make a harsh enough shadow so we improvised by holding paper up to make a harsher line. To increase the contrast even more we upped the contrast manually in Photoshop CC. This was the 4th one we did and had the idea to shoot straight in black and white on camera, this helped us out massively as we saw the shadows more clearly, we will adopt this method for any future b&w recreations. However, this was the most successful recreation.


The trickiest part of this set-up was controlling the shadows so it was dark enough to block out the entirety of the left side but controlled enough to keep the background light. This was the first image we shot, so we also had to reacquaint ourselves with the equipment.


Not enough sunlight, we had to drop the shutter speed right down thus having to hire out a tripod for stability. Having had more sunlight we would have had a higher contrast, to compensate we manually increased the contrast in Photoshop CC.


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