Hashtag Photography magazine

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Hashtag Photography magazine


I gained this experience through the university. The magazine approached the university asking for confident writers to write a blog post for them. I was really thrilled when I began communication with them and I’m so excited to really push my passion and dream of writing further.

Learning about my work experience business:

Hashtag Photography is a quarterly run online magazine, ‘Fed up of generic photography magazines which churn out banal, indistinguishable photographers, #PHOTOGRAPHY Magazine focuses on more talent and less cliché’. They have a substantial social network and work closely to artists. I will be writing a post for their blog in order to gain an understanding into photography, writing and business.


My aims and thoughts on writing for Hashtag Photography magazine:

Writing is something that I have a passion for and is something that I never really considered becoming a potential career until I started researching writers such as Sean O’Hagan and Gerry Badger. Their (and others) writing impacts photography hugely, and they have gained a status of importance within the photographic world. For me to even attempt to have the same level of knowledge and writing style, I would first need to learn and gain experience in writing and photography carers and to also then build a writing portfolio. I have an interest in learning about new photographers as well as the history to photography, and I believe writing is a great way for me to inform this passion onto other interested people.

Hashtag Photography magazine is my way into this business and it will also hopefully give me a first hand insight into how I can approach this as a career after university. The magazine chooses to showcase contemporary photographers and aritsts, something that is different to my more historical researched essays. Therefore, I will be researching artists, concepts and trends that are completely new to me, allowing me to broaden my knowledge. As I have stated above, I have no real understanding of how things work, so a big aim for myself is to gather how I approach the editors for example email e.c.t, how my writing will be promoted on behalf of me and whether or not I have to provide the imagery. It’s a completely exciting experience and I’m so thankful I can take on writing a blog post for the magazine. I feel like I have strong skills in not only writing but also organization and time management. I also believe I have a friendly and polite approach, making me able to work with the magazines clients if necessary.

Some more personal aims for myself would be how I adopt my writing style to the magazines audience and own style, as I have only ever previously written in academic style. I am also nervous and excited to see how they brief me on the blog post, whether I will be allowed full rein or whether they are quite restricting. I definitely believe this will make my writing stronger. By gaining this writing experience I hope to increase my confidence and it will allow me to give me a starting point for my writing portfolio that I can then show to other magazines, publications and writers.


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