The Diary of a Curator (1)

201MC Professional Experience

So we have to split up into small groups and put on an exhibition. To start this process, the ones that want to become leaders had to create an exhibition proposal in five minutes. In total there were about four maybe five of us. We had to stand up bravely and try to win over our classmates so that we can make this into reality.

What is my proposal you ask? Well I want to create something laid back, down to earth and for people to have a drink whilst enjoying some amazing art. My proposal seemed to be really different to everyone else’s. They have made it very complicated, like having a catwalk or a white wall exhibition. I just want people to enjoy it and to not feel compelled to come and have to enjoy the work.

So once everyone was finished, our other classmates picked whom they wanted to work with. The important thing to remember is we get marked on the exhibition and not the work we create for it. In my team we have Paige, Carys, Vickie and Livy. I’ve never really worked with this group of people, so I think it will be a benefit to me because firstly I will have different ideas flowing through the group but I can also become a leader without feeling too bossy to my friends.

The first week we had to plan what our one word would be. This was definitely the hard part of this week because we set up a group chat and ended up with so many words it was overpowering. Because as people we are so different, the words were different. They range from really deep words to complicated words to crazy words. So I decided as team leader it would be up to me to pick the word. I sat with a piece of paper and narrowed down the words. I ended up picking the word ‘Trace’. I think its broad enough for us to create our own unique work whilst also having a meaning behind it. I like one of the words I found when I theasuouras it, ‘sign of existence’. This is what I want my exhibition to be, it’s a mark of our work and we’re giving it to the world.

And that’s it. We have the initial plans down and so next week we can get really into it and plan this whole thing out!

p.s learn what a curator is.


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