Hashtag Photography Magazine- 7 Photobooks You Should Peep in 2015

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Hashtag Photography Magazine// ‘7 Photobooks You Should Peep in 2015’// Featured Post// October 2015

So, I love writing, if you can’t tell already from my long and frequent blog posts. #Photography magazine have asked me to right a column for their blog. This is really big news for me, and I’m actually quite scared. I have never written for someone else before, so I want to make it as perfect as possible.

The guidelines; so the two extremely nice ladies that I’m writing for are really open with what they want me to do. I have a really short deadline, which is my only main concern.

The brief:

-200-500 words

-5 to 10 photobooks

-Have to be pubslihed this year

I started by choosing my photobook’s. I found this actually quite hard because I had to get a range of concepts and themes, whilst making it suitable for the websites audience. I looked at a range of websites from Mack to Space Corner to our university library and what I have myself. I was really happy with the eight that I finalized. I think they are a variety and I can talk enough content on them. The both suitable for the target audience that the magazine aim for, but they are of a range of concepts and ideas. And then I write.

I write, and I write and I write. I actually really enjoyed this, but I edited so much from the original. Once I was happy with my writing I then got my uni lecturer to check it out. He really knows what he’s talking about and he pointed me out in the right direction. I spent a long time re writing some of the mistakes I made, and then I got my peers and family to check it out for any other problems. This is my first every post and I want to make it count. I was really happy with the final piece.

If I was to do something similar to this again, I would firstly talk to the people I’m working to in perhaps a more professional manner and I would relax a bit more. Stress does not help you write. Fact. I also want to learn more about this role, could I do this proffessionaly and more imporattly could I make a living from it in the future? The deadline days were stricked because this was needed for a specific date, so it would be interesting to see if this is a commong thing that normally happens. I hope that this leads to people being interested in my writing and who I am, and maybe I can write again for them perhaps?

But hey I’m so, so happy with the final thing, and it got shown at our photobook club.Its also been put as a featured post on there website, which is crazy unbelievable for my first ever post!

Seven Favourite photobooks this year




Feedback- 3.30


Research- 5.45


If you’d like to check it out id be really grateful!




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