18 Contemporary Photographers you need to know.


Here are some new photographers that might open your mind up to the world of modern photography. They are all different and you’ll definitely have some that you’re more drawn to then overs.


Joel sternfield on this site

Lorenzo Vitturi dalston anatomy

Sculptures he’s making based on the market stall e.g. fabric stall

Text gave us more info grounded it words

Interesting art history



Two images together

Taking work off the street and putting in on a galleryo and he used it on the street, mixed way of seeing it three very different audiences

White space in book, used fabric on to the book


Magda Segal London at home 1993

Family in there homes describing city

Peter Fraser city in the mind

2008 to 2012

Was inspired by (down below)

Italo Calvino invisible cities

Interested in the more internal things

Mark power 26 different endings 2003 to 2006

Photographed what was at the end of the map e.g. jn3


Paul Graham troubled land 1984 1986

Shows ordinary photographs but shows the direct conflict in politics

Controvseral work at the time, wasn’t directly landscape documentary

Little hints

Taken on 5×4 took time with it


John Duncan bonfires 2002 to 2008

July 12th national Ireland flag is often burnt

Photographs bonfires just before they are burnt, shows what’s happing today

Have to understand the context

Donovan Wyle Maze 2009

Maze prison where political prisoners were kept 14 miles out of Belfast

Conceptual documentary

Reputation as control in documentary way

100 days shooting, 1 year creating

Similar to sternfield documenting a period of history in another era

Frontal with images, details same technique as the berchers- what it was like there

It took strength to tackle those hills Tristan Hutchinson

Showing the solitude and despair, everyone’s moving out, high unemployment

Current history- sad depressing grim


Jeanette Lowe the flats memoirs perceptions realities pearse house

Showed work in one of the houses

All the kids were there from the estate

Puts in in the context- belongs with space, people embodied it

Susanne Bosch ourselves alone

Took out everything that wasn’t Irish- absence becomes the story


Maciej dakowicz Cardiff after dark

Outsider looking in, self taught, lived there for seven years before photographing


Human life, joy sadness angry happy

Observed it, but a very specific narrative

How would we feel to be in

Traditionally documentary newspaper photographer

Terry kurgan joubert park 2004 south Africa

Common for photographers to take portraits here, were looking at them

Russia Melanie manchot stories from Russia 2004

Interested in portraiture

But your not allowed photographing portraits in public in Russia

Sets up the camera, who wants to be photographed an available, agreed to participate

Beyond the obvious, looking directly at the people

Corrine silver important landscapes 2010

Relationship between Spain and tangier

One was poor and suffering importing goods from the other, and now they have swapped

Posting the work in Spain

Asking people what they think the images are, responses

History of site changes today

Suky best the return of the native

How were killing the animals in the landscapes

Photographed them in a museum and then photo shopped them where they once were, text of why it wasn’t there anymore, taking them back

Susan hiller j street project 2002-2005

Looking at maps of Germany, the change of the Jewish names when it was the war

303 sites, roads that have change name to make them less Jewish

Being political, history has changed in street

In gallery lists of road names, big book for impact

Janet Cardiff and George bures miller

Alter banhof video walk 2013

Sound artists

Walks a route a certain number of times, so she begins to learnt the street

Mixes archives and the present

Tells you directions and what you’ll ill see

Following the image

Memories are like a suitcase, we only take them out when we need them


Slow steady but very thoughtful

Given a sound radio for audience to walk around

Takes a while to fall in to her rhythm, lyrical way

Sound is live

Practice, participation

Unnerving voice, eerie

Telling us about the holocaust- found a site specific and tells a story by taking a walk but talking about history as well

She did one on white chapel jack the ripper

What level your believing her in?


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