The Diary of a Curator (2)

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Its been an interesting week, so far we have gained a new member Emma, scouted for locations and are starting to define the important details.

Lets start with the important details, what a curator is.

‘After a time, you train yourself that once the work is out of the studio, it’s up to somebody else how it gets shown and where it gets shown. You can’t spend all your time being responsible for how the work goes out in the world, so you do have to let go.’

  • Bruce Nauman, interview with Tony Oursler, Please Pay Attention Please: Bruce Nauman’s Words, Janet Kraynak (ed.), 2002,The MIT Press

Basically my role is to look after the work once it is created. I have to make certain decisions about the contexts and where/ how it will be displayed. My second important job is to make sure the target audience is seeing the work. It’s definitely a big responsibility, but it sounds like something I want to create without a doubt.

We also solidified our role titles:

Chloe Curator

Vickie Location

Paige Advertisement and publishing

Carys Writing and Sectorial jobs

Emma Fundraising and money

Livy Social networking

Another important new thing to happen is we have looked at our first venue. I know I shouldn’t say thing because it is our first viewing but honestly this place is perfect. It has the atmosphere that we were searching for that was in Fargo. It’s situated in a really quirky bit of Coventry just behind the cannel, its really pretty. It has brick wall, a performance stage and a bar. The lady who showed us round was incredibly sweet and she said that she would make a deal on £100 for the night, depending on the show up. But the advertisement and promotion would be included in that. She also highly recommended us to think about selling our prints and having a fee at the door.

So what do I actually want to get out of this exhibition?

-Obviously showcase my work, but I want to learn how to promote and almost sell myself better and more professionally

-I want to learn how to take on a leadership role

-I want to improve my team working skills

-I want to learn about the roles within an exhibition and all the requirements that make a successful one

Overall this week as been a success and I’m looking forward to viewing some more places!


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