Dairy of a Curator (3)

201MC Professional Experience

With little happening till we find the venue, this weeks post will be short and snappy.

Vicky is our key location leader; she’s been really good at managing the emails to all our potential venue holders. However, they haven’t been so good at replying back, but hey its there loss right? We’ve emailed a range of people from Drappers to art space to the Herbert, and only two have replied to us. We have the venue I previously visited two weeks ago and Fargo.

Fargo was or original choice for a venue, it has the laid back approach that I was searching for when creating the vision for the exhibition. It has alcohol, comfy couches and brick walls. So what did we think when we went to actually view it? Well we actually didn’t like it as much as we thought we would. We got shown three different spots where we could hold our exhibition and they just didn’t have the atmosphere that we were searching for. The first spot was inside were the shops are located, its busy and there’s a lot happening which means it will be hard for our viewers to focus specifically on our own work, rather than viewing Fargo, it’s a distraction. Plus they haven’t held an exhibition there before, so we have no prior knowledge of any problems that may occur.

The next one we viewed were two that were joined together but could be used separately. There was firstly a reception place, which was really big. The first thing we noticed was how high the ceilings were, its just a lot to fill and I feel like it would make our work feel insignificant. There was also one tired old couch, which looked very sad, but a possibility would be to bring in the benches from the outside inside, which the manager said we would be able too. There was also a small fridge where we could store drinks for our guests. This would mean we would have to arrange it ourselves, which means more work. But we would be able to have alcohol. Bonus.

12179446_10206908080674732_1941501505_n 12188584_10206908080074717_161590035_n 12177811_10206908078194670_663079359_n

Behind that was our third spot. This was gigantic. Like huge. It was more like a warehouse rather then an exhibition space, and I think it would be better for one of the other groups who are doing their fashion show to use it. There are no seats, no bar and it’s not the best lighting. There would be a hell of a lot of work for us and a lot of space for us to fill up.

Overall, I think Fargo isn’t the best place for us, I think our first venue is right up our alley. However, I don’t regret not looking round, it made us reassert what we wanted and to compare things like prices and how much help the owners put in ec.t. Overall Fargo isn’t the best, but we are getting there and I’m getting so excited.


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