Dairy of a Curator (4)

201MC Professional Experience

After our viewing of two locations, we have decided to re visit the first one.

Fargo just wasn’t for us, it was a huge location, we would have to set up a lot and we would have to organise the drinks and seating arrangements e.c.t. So we decided to go back to our original venue (week two) and review it along with the members who haven’t seen it. We feel really drawn to it and think it’s an amazing place that reflects what we want out atmosphere to be.

So we looked around the venue, the only person who hasn’t seen it now is Livy. But the other two, Paige and Emma felt exactly the same, like it was the venue we were made to have. The fairy lights, the performance stage and the drinks bar.

The only negative point to this location is the fact we can’t have brick walls, as there is previous work already on there. However, one of the girls mentioned that we could create a frame and hang the work up so we can still see the brickwork. Working with a group is actually really good; we all have different solutions and ideas which means our exhibition is really coming together.

We asked some questions that we forgot to mention on the first viewing. They are able to do all of our graphic design work and promotion, there is a man working there that does all of that side of things, and we were able to look at his work and see how good it is. It’s really exciting that we can get a professional look on things. We also finalised our price details and our opening dates.

We then had a group meeting and all confirmed that we wanted this to be our venue. I’m so happy with this place and its made me so excited for the night! Vicky’s going to confirm with the owner by email that we want this venue and then we should be paid by the end of the week! Next actually comes the hard part.


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