Alafuro Sikoki-Coleman

201MC Professional Experience

Senior curator of Lagos Photo, Alafuro was a great speaker to listen to and most importantly give me some much needed confidence and enthusiasm with my photography. Honestly, she’s a cool down to earth human being.

To give you an overview of what Alafuro is interested in, here’s a really brief overview of her work;

The Prosthetic Ornament, 2006

-“Why should your body be reduced to the one absent thing?”

-She noticed people coming back from Iraq and people being concerned with the missing limbs, first thing they talk about to solider

-Performance and deeper meaning aspect

Women, 2006

-Played around with different materials, such as plastic fingernails and fiberglass

-The photographs are the piece of art and not necessarily the sculpture made

Resurgm, 2007

-Made at a time where she lost her mother

-Trying to find the beauty again within life

-The mask she’s wears protects herself from society but also shows her returning and searching for this happiness

The Modern Evolution suit, 2011

-Focuses on gender studies

-Nigerian history is very patriarchal, women are the base for the workforce yet still need permission from the father or husband

-The two jobs they have; children and their actual career

-Performance, fashion, product design and photography

-By cutting the face off, it becomes a representation of women in the media

Two-Minute Photo Theatre, 2012

-Performance background, the operator asks about the background, make up, clothing, becomes an exciting conversation between the two figures

-Most operators work with non-electricity, either battery powered or using their cars electricity

-Within ten years time it is expected it wont be their still

-Alafuro has been taking photographs in photo booths since she was 16, creating a document of archive, she can look back when she’s fifty and see the difference

H++, 2012

-About four old ladies living on the south coast of Africa, who still traditionally weave the old way (the next generation has gone to university)

-There is no pollution, cars or electricity on the island- we consider this paradise

-This body of work is about pollution and conservation

-Her first exhibition was simple and understanding, still going on

Born Kinky, 2012

-African hair

-Straight combs has been replaced with straighteners

-Reusing the old to create something entirely different

-Sculpture and photography

Alafuro has created some really great work, but my interests lie with the amazing advice she gave. Here are some brief notes of the recommendations she gave:

-How do you find new artists?

Visiting degree shows

Creating subconscious networks; friends, galleries, universities

Museums, galleries, news

-Put yourself out there

Create small booklets and send it everywhere

Remember everyone is human

Get criticisms, it’s the most helpful thing in life

Send it to everyone who you think should know about you

Its not about how small you are its about how big you want to be

People are looking for university students- they want good content, cheap, new talent and they are genuinely interested

People wont come and find you

Have business cards; introduce yourself, what’s the worst that can happen?

Free workshops, internships, work experience

The most important thing is to play and create

Be more then one creative, not just dedicated to photography

Photography now is at a special time, we are creating work that we wont have in five years time

Create your own genre of work

Do work your interested in, no one will care if you don’t

What makes you tick?

I’d just like to thank Alafuro for giving me some confidence and also making me excited for the future and what I want to be.


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