Alafuro’s current favourite photographers

201MC Professional Experience

In addition to my last post, if you haven’t checked it out be sure too as Alafuro gave some fantastic advice, within this post ill be sharing with the world some of her favourite photographers of the now. Mostly Nigerian but they all have character and creativity.

Ima Mfon, Nigerian Identity

-Stripped all the colour away, sitters become blank black and white

-Race is a big thing in the USA; label comes first before who you are and what you’ve done

Kadara Enyeasi, Another

-Said to be big as a photographer


-Clothing, absence of place, gender

-Nigeria is mostly homophobic, models in dresses, going against the norm

Owise Abuszaid, The Yellow Tee shirt

-A really adorable project

-Focuses on his lucky charm; a yellow tee-shirt, takes it everywhere

-A cool down to earth person

-Places the tee-shirt in locations, urbanization

-Inserting himself into a time and places, without actually him it in

-Takes them on his phone, can only be printed small

-We see it in markets, his uncle’s funeral and in cafes

Nobukho Nqaba, Unomgcara

-In USA they call them “Chinese laundry bags”

-Ugandans were forced out of Nigeria quickly, the bags to them represent loss displacement they look weak but are very strong

-Nqaba places them in different situations

Andile Burka, Sarlist Sport

-South African apart ide in America

-No real sports photographs of them, any access to the grounds or the equipment

-Recreated history- how it could have been captured

Fabrice Monterio, The Prophecy

-Works with sculpture

-Makes huge installation pieces and products

-Economic and conservation issues covered

-There is a performance element

-Whilst dealing with natural disasters like bush fires and ship wrecks

Antoine Tempe and Omar Victor Diop

-Re(mixing) holly wood


-Placing African women in Hollywood locations

-History, culture and playing around with iconic moments and scenes

-Power of transformation

Andrea Keyezua, Stone Organisms

-Takes parts from everywhere and brings them together to create something new

-A lot of time researching and working on a project

-History is a key concept

Joana Chovmali, Awoulaba

-Looks at what is “acceptable” in culture

-Began by exploring the African culture

-What people want to become

-Manikins, superficial, fantasy

Akintunde Akinleye, Reuters

-Big documentary photographer

-Amazing work ethic

-Goes everywhere, even if it’s not safe

-Has won a lot of awards

James Osterer, Wotsit all about

-British photographer

Martin Parr, Drive by shooting 2013

I’m sorry if I’ve spelt anyone’s name wrong! But hopefully you found someone that has interesting to you that you or perhaps wouldn’t have thought of. Its good to explore new people in order to become more creative individuals.


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