266Mc Task six- Milton Keynes


The brief to this task is really open. We will be taken forty minutes outside of Coventry, and be dropped off. Our one task will be to have something to show for it. How will we do it? Read more to find out.

So I feel like preparation is key to this task. None of our group members have been to Milton Keynes before, which I think is a good thing as we all have something to new to gain.

We decided to meet up the Thursday before to discuss ideas. We all began to research the city and learn more about it so that we could then decide what body of work to create. We found that it had a lot of Roman and Anglo Saxon history to it, that it is called the “Garden city” and that some of the street names are named from celebrities, such as Monroe. Our three main ideas were:

-Grid area- doing some work with Google maps as Milton Keynes was purposely built and it has a grid feel with lots of repition. We were think something based on the Berchers work?

-Documenting pre-1967 and post-1967. There was thatched roofs, pubs and churches, and then in 67 London was so over crowded that Milton Keynes became a place to move people into, specifically created, hence the new grid system

-“The Garden City”- document a city combined with nature. 22 million trees, art work specifically created to make a city not feel like a city.

We didn’t stop at these three ideas; we carried on researching places in Milton Keynes. We came across Bletchley Park, and it didn’t ring any bells until Lily mentioned the Imitation game. This one of the most important locations in world history. We have to document it! The basic history of Bletchley Park is the MI6 took over the house in order to understand the German codes that they were using. The code changed every few months and there ended up being something like 159 million million million possible settings. In 1939 the British were in charge of cracking this code, and to cut a long story short, Alan Turing with the help of the other members were able to crack the code by creating a machine. With a lot of pain these phenomenal people were able to help with the war.

I definitely recommend the film, with Benedict Cumberbatch as Turing in it, as you really get a good understanding of the heart ache he goes through, and even the fact he doesn’t get any recognition for it because he is a homosexual. It’s a brilliant narrative and I’m thrilled to learn more about it.

So looking at the official Bletchley Park website, there are a lot of exhibitions to view that document this incredible historical event, so there will be a lot to document. The park site also has a lot of things to view and visit, so we will definitely get out park pass wear! We only have four hours here but I think we’ll use our time wisely.

In terms of what we want to create we are thinking of going for something that involves codes. When you type in the location on Google, on the side appears a code constantly moving. This is really relevant and will good with our work. Photograph wise we really want to concentrate on images as we’ve done a lot of other work so it would be good to get back into taking images again. I suggested we take small close up pictures, that we can later edit in Photoshop to make black and white and experiment with post-manipulations and contrast and so on. I’m really excited to see how our project goes on, I feel the most connected to this task out of all of the others so far, and I feel confident we will produce a high quality body of work, especially as I have the knowledge from my detective previous body of work.

Being there was amazing. I learned so much about not even British history but more like world history. There were so many astonishing facts such as creating the Enigma saved 14 million lives and women’s key role in this facility. We got to walk around the museum freely and discovered were the workers worked, slept and had leisure time. I would beg anyone to go and have the same experience. It was also a good bonding experience with my team as we learned together. The only downfall was the short amount of time.

In terms of our final pieces I feel like we rushed this. We flicked through our own images and selected the best ones and then sent them lily as she forgot her camera on the day and so she wanted to edit them. I feel like we should have worked more with the coding idea and connected it more with hints and clues. It is also being apparent to who’s putting the ideas and motivation together and whose not so. I like working in a team but maybe our teams slightly to big? I’m really happy with the final outcome overall though and its something I’ve been interested in and will continued to be fascinated with.

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