Hashtag Photography Magazine ‘The Others’- Derek Ridgers

201MC Professional Experience


Hashtag Photography Magazine// ‘The Others’- Derek Ridgers.’// November 2015

This is my second piece that I’m doing for Hashtag magazine and I’m thrilled yet nervous!

The Brief:

-A piece for their blog

-They can’t get a copy of the book, but they have got some files with photos

-The information is included and needs tidying up

-Make it less static and more exciting


I’m really happy this was my first proper book review. I feel like I received a good press release and all the information was there. To start with I research the magazines previous book review posts as well as other magazines and publishers. Then I gathered a good sense of what I needed and what I wanted to include:

-Name of artist/ book

-Where you can find more information

-Links where you can buy it

-Relevant quotes

-What’s the series about- be specific

-A little bit about which the artist is, any interesting facts that set the artist apart

-Why do people need to buy this book

-I want to write it in the style of the book, whilst also sticking to the atmosphere of the magazine and how they make work suitable for their target readers

So after I pulled apart the bases of what I want to include in my piece, I began to make sure I research the artist. I didn’t want to mention everything just on the press release, I feel like that would be too easy, and I wanted to push myself and impress the magazine. So I looked at his website (he didn’t have one, this is not helpful!), his social medias (he had a great Instagram I wanted to focus on) and other reviews of his work.

Once I had all the information and research I began to write. I actually felt this was a lot more natural then my previous post for the magazine, everything seemed to flow a lot better. It took me a whole day writing the post, and actually when I got others to read it, there weren’t many mistakes. It was really interesting to see the difference between how I found this experience and the last. I feel like this wasn’t as challenging as I thought it would be, and I actually think I’m quite suited to it, perhaps something I can think about in my future. I also included my own knowledge on the topic to make it sound like I know what I’m talking about even though I actually have never in counted this artist. I feel like I came across as a strong writer who knows what she’s talking about, hopefully!

Overall I’m happy with this piece. I found it easier now I’ve already done one, and now have the confidence that the magazine likes my style and wants me to write again for them. I think my organisational and time management skills are great because I made sure I wrote the article well in time for the deadline. I’m enjoying writing for them and I hope there’s more to come!

A short and sweet review on a not so candied but truthful and expressive photobook


Research- 4

Writing- 5.15

Editing, checking and feedback- 3.30


Find my piece here!

View story at Medium.com


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