Diary of a curator (5)

201MC Professional Experience

This is going to be a short a sweet blog pot of what we’ve been up to this week. With new university assignments being given to us, our concentration of our exhibition has changed slightly.

This week our focus has been on firstly, communicating with a band, and secondly finalising our venue details. Emma has been given the task of focusing on finding the band. She believes she knows a singer who will be able to perform on the night. I’m not too sure how well this singer fits in with our theme and atmosphere; his music is almost like rap. It’s very quick and perhaps a little bit deeper than we would like. I was thinking about someone who has more of an acoustic feel or maybe something either jazz or classical like? Anyway, we’re at a good point in our planning so any communication with an artist is good. It’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out!

Secondly, we’re still unsure about where are venue will be, the majority feels like it will be best at The Tin, however it does have its pros and cons:

Pros- good space, atmosphere is already created, brick walls, fully working bar, good price, can open and close at our choosing, free graphic designer

Cons- it’s very much out of the main part of Coventry city, the venue is set into two rooms, would this work? How would we attach our work? The art spaces have already said they have had other interested people, and that was our close second place. I think the Tin is the best place for our exhibition, and as a curator I need to push this and talk of the positive. Obviously we need everyone to view the venue, and we still have one person that hasn’t so I need to push their organisational skills so we can make a final venue!


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